Hollyoaks: Sienna gets aggressive, while Theresa attacks Patrick

3-7 August: Plus Darren gets frustrated with Maxine and suspicions grow about Celine


Monday 3 August


Carly is relieved when Ben allows her to go to a rehab centre in Scotland. Sienna realises she was wrong about Nancy and races to The Dog to check she’s ok after spiking her drink. Meanwhile, Trevor recognises Carly as the girl who testified against someone he knows. Sienna sees Ben and Carly’s tearful goodbye and unaware that Carly is Ben’s daughter, gets in her car and angrily follows Carly. Sienna tracks her down at Ben’s flat and the girls fight.

Simone wants to treat Lisa to a pamper day so they can bond properly. Lisa doesn’t show up to meet Simone at the bus stop and goes to Louis’ football camp instead. Kyle also turns up and makes lewd comments to Celine who is doing a defibrillator demo. Kyle and Zack turn on each other but when Kyle pushes Zack, Celine goes flying into a pile of soil and is humiliated. She gets changed in the girl’s toilets at school but Kyle sneaks in and takes a photo of her in her underwear. Cameron threatens Kyle to delete the photo but is concerned about Celine when she starts to cry.

Darren is frustrated that Maxine is spending more time with Patrick to discuss their new arrangements for Minnie.

Tuesday 4 August

Darren doesn’t want to leave Maxine alone with Patrick so asks his mate Dave to take Carly to the rehab centre in Scotland. Elsewhere, Darren and Maxine go for dinner with Theresa and Patrick. Meanwhile, Sienna and Nico return home only to find themselves in the middle of Patrick’s dinner party. Theresa finds a £500 necklace that Patrick has bought and assumes it’s for her.

Lisa apologises to her mum for standing her up and Zack arranges for a beauty therapist to come to the house and treat his mum and sister.

Celine enjoys a romantic date at home with Cameron, who has set up a candlelit picnic in her bedroom. She suggests he should set up a restaurant in the Savage’s boat. Celine and Cameron are in bed when Pete walks by and lingers a little too long. Celine is alarmed when she spots him.

Wednesday 5 August

Cameron tells Celine that Dirk’s letting him use the boat as a kitchen. They decide to pick up where they left off yesterday and Cameron starts to unbutton her shirt, just as Pete arrives – again! Pete continues to chip away at Celine’s confidence with sly comments about her weight. Celine is flustered and drops her handbag when she bumps into Dr S’Avage – there’s a brief glimpse of some surgical gloves and a syringe in her bag.

Theresa wonders why Patrick still hasn’t given her the necklace. Darren is jealous about Patrick and Maxine’s closeness. He refuses to shake Patrick’s hand and Patrick falls over when Darren shrugs him off.

Thursday 6 August

Kim tells Frankie that she’s Esther’s next of kin and can take Curtis home. Trevor and Grace are furious when they see Frankie leaving the hospital with their baby, while Kim watches from the side-lines.

Maxine is worried about Patrick when Theresa tells her he ended up in hospital following Darren’s ‘attack’. Dr S’Avage tells Patrick his condition has progressed and Theresa urges him to start taking the recommended medication. Sienna tells Nico about Patrick’s MND. Meanwhile, Theresa thinks she’s doing Patrick a favour by attending the governor’s meeting at school, but only embarrasses herself.

At the hospital, Maxine takes Patrick to meet Ailsa who is also living with MND and they are both inspired by her love of life.

Robbie asks Trevor if he can work with him again.

Friday 7 August

Grace and Kim bump into Frankie at the Bean, who reveals that Kim gave Curtis to her and Jack. Kim asks Frankie if she can babysit Curtis but takes him to see Grace and suggests the three of them run away together. Elsewhere, Dylan is keen to get involved in Trevor’s business when he sees his dad talking shop with Robbie. Robbie spots Kyle talking to Holly and when Kyle comes to the club to buy drugs, Robbie warns him away.Dylan wants to prove himself and does a deal with Kyle,while Trevor tells Robbie he’s planning to kill Kim.


Patrick pursues Maxine and a scorned Theresa throws her smoothie over him.