Laurel to sleep with a stranger to get alcohol, reveals Emmerdale star Charlotte Bellamy

The morning after, she has no idea where she is, she's got no clothes on and she's in a house she doesn't remember getting to"


Alcoholic Laurel will go to extreme lengths to get her next booze fix when she ends up in bed with a stranger.


An ousted and desperate Laurel will be seen picking up a man in a bar after Marlon denies her access to their bank account. And it soon becomes clear just how far Laurel will go to get a drink.

“It’s an all-time low,” admits actress Charlotte Bellamy. “All Laurel is concerned about is where her next drink is coming from and she ends up going home with this guy.”

But the morning after the night before brings guilt and recrimination when Laurel wakes up in a strange bed. “She feels horror at what she’s done. But with Laurel, she doesn’t remember what she’s done the night before because she blacks out.

“So, this time it’s really eerie – she has no idea where she is, she’s got no clothes on and she’s in a house she doesn’t remember getting to.

“There’s no one in the bed next to her – all she can hear is a shower on. It’s really haunting. What has she done? Who is she with? She ends up fleeing, but it all just goes from bad to worse.”

A shamed Laurel will be seen eventually arriving back in the village and spinning a web of lies in order to cover her tracks. But as it seems that Marlon is ready to give things another go, the marriage is thrown another curveball.

Says Bellamy: “By this stage, Laurel has become extremely good at lying. And she is starting to win Marlon round. But just when you think it’s all going to be OK, there’s a knock at the door. And it turns out that Laurel has left her bag at this guy’s house and he’s come round to return it.

“So the truth is out. And there’s this scene where Marlon says to this man, ‘are you telling me that you slept with my wife?’ The whole thing is very well-written and claustrophobic because it plays out in this very small kitchen.”

Yet in the wake of the traumatic confrontation, Laurel comes to make another confession, this time in the company of ex-husband Ashley. “At this point, Laurel is at her lowest ebb. She says to Ashley that she should be on her own and that she doesn’t deserve to be with anybody.

“They’re sitting in this car together and Ashley makes a final plea for her to admit the truth. And Laurel does end up admitting that she is an alcoholic. In any story about alcoholism, getting the person to admit it is a massive turning point.

“But, with alcoholism, it doesn’t just get better overnight. This storyline is going to take lots of twists and turns. There won’t be a simple, happy ending.”

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