Emmerdale spoilers: Charley Webb on Debbie and Ross’s secret passion – “They cross a line”

The pair have "definite chemistry", says the actress


Debbie Dingle is to flirt with danger again when she becomes entangled in Ross Barton’s latest scam. Debbie – who is currently in a relationship with Ross’s brother Pete – gets unwittingly embroiled in a scheme to steal back cash that’s meant for Lachlan’s dad Donny.


But the plan (which is masterminded by Chrissie) backfires, leaving Debbie and Ross trapped in a hotel room while being pursued by heavies. However, the pair end up enjoying each other’s company more than either expected. So is a love triangle brewing? And if that’s the case, then who should Debbie pick: Ross or Pete?

“That’s a really hard question because they’re both so different,” says Charley Webb, who plays Debbie. “Pete gives Debbie that safety and sense of security. He brings a lot to her life that she’s never really had before and Debbie is happy in that relationship. But Ross is exciting – he’s the person who is a bit more like her and maybe a bit more like Cain, her dad, too. Obviously, Pete would provide for Debbie and her kids, but there is definite chemistry between her and Ross.”

Scenes to be broadcast on Thursday 23 April see Ross confiding in Debbie and advising her that she should go after what she wants regardless of the consequences. But after laying it all on the line for Debbie, will Ross end up getting what he wants?

“There’s a bit of a line that does get crossed,” the actress teases. “They get to the point where it could just happen. But Ross just blows it. He gets a little bit too serious with her and that snaps her back to reality.”

So much so that by Friday, once the drama of the previous day has died down, Debbie ends up surprising boyfriend Pete with a suggestion that they should get married. Pete readily agrees, but is Debbie’s proposal merely a way of concealing her true feelings?

“She tells herself that Pete is the whole package and that’s why she goes for it with the proposal. But Debbie’s scared of what she’s really feeling. By proposing, she thinks that she now can’t make a mess with Ross. She’s trying to fight off every feeling she has for Ross, but every time she moves he’s there.

“What’s interesting about putting Ross and Debbie together is that there’s so much to explore. They can do almost anything. When one half of a couple if a bit safe – which is what you have with Debbie and Pete – then there’s not much you can do. They’re what you see as ‘the happy couple’. But on the other side of that, there’s Debbie and Ross, who always have something exciting going on.”

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