Celebrity Big Brother recap: the events that led to Ken Morley’s removal from the house

The former Coronation Street actor used offensive vocabulary while telling an anecdote about Frank Bruno before upsetting Patsy Kensit and Chloe Goodman

Ken Morley was removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday thanks to his continued use of “unacceptable language”.


During a formal warning from Big Brother over the weekend – after his inappropriate use of the word “negro” while in conversation with Alexander O’Neal – Ken was told if he continued to make offensive comments, he would be evicted, a decision show bosses eventually took yesterday.

The former Coronation Street actor’s latest comments came during a conversation with Keith Chegwin when he described a row he’d had with former boxer Frank Bruno.

Recalling their time doing panto together, Ken said he called up the sportsman and said, “Hello, Lord Fauntleroy here – turn down your n***o rhythms.”

The 71-year-old also upset actress Patsy Kensit, referring to her as an “east end scrubber” and adding, “one thing that a woman likes is a good flogging.”

The former Holby City star responded, telling him she grew up in Ireland but her dad was from Bethnal Green in London, which Ken informed her was a “double curse”, leading Kensit to snap: “I’m here, man. I train sometimes with a punch bag… you’re a d**k… I’m meditating. F**k off.”

Morley also caused grief with Ex on the Beach star Chloe Goodman. Her breast was exposed by Jeremy Jackson in the bathroom on Friday, leading the former Baywatch actor to become the first contestant to be removed from the house. But Ken suggested the incident was “inadvertently” the glamour model’s fault.

“You’re a single girl, you’re 21, you go into a room with a person you only know slightly wearing only a robe. I think that’s dodgy,” he told her.

“You said I kind of helped the situation?” questioned Chloe. “Should I have known that Jeremy would do that?”

“It’s slightly naive, yes,” Ken replied.

Called to the diary room, Ken was told by Big Brother: “Today in a conversation with Keith you again used unacceptable language regarding race.

“You have also made offensive remarks about nationality and descent in a conversation with Patsy and have continued to make offensive comments towards women.

“Big Brother is left with no other option but to remove you from the house.”

Ken’s dismissal from the competition means tonight’s eviction has been cancelled with members of the public who have already voted eligible for a full refund.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has also been warned by Big Brother after using threatening language when telling Ken: “I feel sorry for you because after you leave this house you’re going to have a lot of people very angry with you.”


Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9:00pm on Channel 5