Mutant Giant Spider Dog and Zoella are among the biggest YouTube stars of 2014

Gamers dominate the top ten blogging list, with pranksters leading the way for trending videos

Eight out of ten of this year’s biggest YouTube stars are gamers, according to figures released by the video sharing site, with only vloggers Zoella and ThatcherJoe having infiltrated the list of major players. 


PewDiePie has once again taken the top spot. The Swedish video game commentator has held the position since December 2013 and to date has received over 6.6 billion views. His popularity has even landed him an appearance on South Park. 

The most popular vlogging channel belongs to Zoella. The 24-year-old too-cute-to-boot lifestyle vlogger has become a crossover star, with her debut novel Girl Online selling nearly 80,000 copies in its first seven days of release. She has recently revealed plans to take a break from the internet, though, following criticisms over her use of a ghost writer.

The full top ten is below, and YouTube fans can catch their favourite stars of 2014 in this year’s annual rewind mash up video

1. PewDiePie – Gaming channel. Global subscribers: 32.7m. Views: 7bn.

2. KSI – Gaming. Global subscribers: 7.6m. Views: 1.2bn

3. Wroe2shaw – Gaming / vlogging. Global subscribers: 2.8m. Views: 460.3m.

4. Zoella – Vlogging. Global subscribers: 6.7m. Views: 310.3m.

5. Vanoss Gaming – Gaming. Global subscribers: 9.9m. Views: 1.7bn.

6. Stampy – Gaming. Global subscribers: 4.4m. Views: 2.4bn.

7. Comedy Shorts Gamer – vlogging. Global subscribers: 2.9m. Views: 515.9m.

8. KSIOlajidebtHD – Gaming. Global subscribers: 3m. Views: 369.8m.

9. ThatcherJoe – Vlogging. Global subscribers: 3.3m. Views: 171.4m

10. The Syndicate Project – Gaming. Global subscribers: 8.3m. Views: 1.5bn.

YouTube also released its list of top trending videos for 2014. It’s a much more eclectic selection featuring a chilling social commentary on what it is like to walk through the streets as a woman in New York, a cute puppy selling Budweiser, strangers sharing a first kiss and a devil baby pranking unsuspecting members of the public.


The number one video, Mutant Giant Spider Dog – in which a Polish prankster dresses up his dog as a spider and lets him loose on the public – has achieved almost 115,000,000 views.