Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

1-5 December: John and Marilynʼs wedding day arrives, while the police arrest Brax for Jake's murder


Monday 1 December


Summer Bay has a reason to celebrate again as the wedding goes off without a hitch. Roo, however, is disgusted when she finds Maddy drunk on the beach. As Brax is released from the cells, Ricky finally tells him that he is going to be a father. At the hospital, a guilt-stricken Andy creeps into Jakeʼs room and turns off his life-support machine. 

Tuesday 2 December

As Brax promises Ricky that he will stay by her side following the news of her pregnancy, Sgt Emerson arrives to announce Jakeʼs death. The next day, Andy admits to Kyle that he killed Jake. Kyle dissuades him from turning himself in, reasoning that the police have nothing to tie Brax to the crime, but he has spoken too soon – Brax is arrested shortly afterwards. Maddy, hungover after the wedding, steals Rooʼs credit card. 

Wednesday 3 December

Phoebe becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the Braxtonsʼ matter-of-fact approach to Jakeʼs death and tells Kyle that she is moving out to the caravan park. Sophie organises a barbecue to celebrate the fact that she and Nate have decided to buy their home and unwittingly invites Hannah before Nate does. Sophie then has to question why he hesitated to ask her if there is really nothing going on. Brax is released. 

Thursday 4 December

Denny attends the barbecue with Hannah to avoid too much awkwardness, while Sophie watches them like a hawk throughout. Evelyn goes to comfort Josh when she finds him walking alone on the beach, but he brushes her off. He knows that she has not forgiven him for sleeping with Maddy and tells her to be clearer about what she wants. Matt is punched in the face by a mysterious stranger. 

Friday 5 December


Maddy uses Rooʼs credit card to buy Oscar some new clothes but he cottons on to her deception. A furious Maddy orders him to keep out of it. Evelyn makes up her mind to ask Josh if they can be friends. Mattʼs mystery assailant turns out to be his estranged father, Gray, who sets about distracting his son from his studies.