Coronation Street spoilers: Julie and Mary to fight for Dev’s affections

Mary looks set to scupper Julie's plans for romance in next week's episodes, reveals actress Katy Cavanagh

Julie (Katy Cavanagh) and Mary look set to battle it out for Dev’s attention next week – but which of them will get the upper hand? As ever, Dev will end up making the situation worse with his hapless attempts to be kind to both women – but does he really have feelings for Julie? Here, actress Katy Cavanagh reveals whether there really is romance on the cards for Julie and why her current storyline sees Mary turn scary once again…


Is Julie now feeling able to move on after splitting with Brian?
Yes and no – she’s ready to start moving on, but I don’t think Julie will ever truly get over Brian. It will take a lot for her to let that go – she still talks about him and still misses him a lot.

Has she fancied Dev for a while? Has there been tension between them since their spat in the gym?
I don’t think she has because Julie would never think that anyone would look twice at her. She thinks he’s very charming, he’s very nice and his apology to her was lovely. But that’s the first time she takes any notice of him in a different way.

Has she been flirting with him or is it more of a growing friendship?
She has been flirting with him, but if you asked Julie she’d say she wasn’t flirting at all and that she’s just being friendly.

Did Alya’s comment about Dev fancying her encourage her?
I don’t think Julie hears that – she starts to think that he likes her but then she actually overhears him talking to Mary in the shop and saying he has no feelings for her. She’s really hurt by that because she thought she’d felt something there between them.

How come she ends up going for that first drink with Dev?
She invites him out – they’re in the gym and she just grabs the bull by the horns and says, “how do you fancy a drink later?” He seems to be all right with that, which is great. It’s just meant to be a friendly drink but Mary doesn’t seem to be too happy about it!

Has she been aware that Mary has feelings for him? Does Mary say anything to her?
I don’t think you can possibly not be aware that Mary isn’t very happy, but I don’t think Julie is directly competing with Mary. It’s not like that. It’s more that Mary is very territorial over Dev. Julie’s aware that Mary’s a bit strange, but Julie sees the best in everyone so she tries to accommodate Mary. She just thinks Mary is behaving a bit oddly rather than directly competing with her.

So, is Dev up for grabs so far as Julie is concerned?
Yeah absolutely, he’s on the market.

They then go for another drink and then arrange to meet at the gym – what’s Mary’s reaction?
Mary invites herself along to the gym, which is a bit annoying, so Julie goes at a different time. She knows she needs to close the deal now and Mary’s now properly getting in the way. So Julie goes at a different time, but Mary gets wind of it and turns up right at a very delicate moment, which is really annoying for Julie.

Is she annoyed by Mary constantly butting in? Or does she feel sorry for her?
Mary becomes like a fly that won’t go away and she just keeps turning up. Julie doesn’t over-analyze things, so she doesn’t really understand why Mary keeps turning up and she’s starting to feel a little freaked out. Then there’s a scene in the pub where Mary gives a huge great speech about all the women who’ve tried to get Dev into bed and that’s when it gets quite scary for Julie. Scary Mary is back!

Would she like a serious relationship with Dev? Is she keen to get to know his kids and play happy families?
Oh yes, Julie’s desperate for a family. She’s desperate to be part of a couple and have all those things. She’s really lonely and she thinks Dev is very charming. He’s high up in the community and she sees him as a good catch.

Mary can be dangerous when scorned – she kidnapped Norris a few years back – does Julie realise this?
No, Julie doesn’t know that! I think Mary and Julie could be friends and get on quite well in the end but Mary’s difficult to get to know. She likes who she likes and it’s hard to break in there. Maybe Julie can melt that a bit rather than be kidnapped!


And are you enjoying working with Jimmi Harkishin, who plays Dev?
Yes, he’s great. We’ve known each other for a long time, so we’re having fun.