Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

22-26 September: Paige causes trouble with her choice of attire on her date with Brennan, while current mayor Sue Parker and her son Jayden try to foil Paul’s plans to win her post


Monday 22 September


Lauren attempts to make amends with Terese, but Terese cannot put the betrayal behind them. Paige is unnerved when she learns about Lauren and Brad’s kiss. Realising that he was out of line, Nate promises that he will never treat Chris violently again. Paul quietly begins his campaign to become mayor, starting with a plan to rebuild after the tornado – but not everyone is pleased with the idea. 

Tuesday 23 September

The fallout from Lauren and Brad’s kiss continues, with Terese demanding to know Brad’s every move and Matt struggling even to be in the same room as Lauren. Meanwhile, Terese makes a snap business decision. On the morning that Paul had planned to launch his mayoral campaign at the nursery, Sonya and Toadie discover that the place has been looted, leading Paul to suspect sabotage. Karl has some shocking news for Georgia. 

Wednesday 24 September

Josh is not pleased with Terese’s plan to buy the gym, but does not want to upset her. Instead, he proposes an alternative to Ricky, upsetting Terese anyway. Georgia tries to ascertain whether human error is responsible for the loss of her singing voice. Paige’s efforts to impress Brennan with her outfit on their first official date go awry. 

Thursday 25 September

Paige and Brennan patch things up after the blow-out which ensued when she arrived for their date wearing Kate’s dress. Nate reluctantly agrees to give a talk about his experiences in Afghanistan, but speaking about his time there stirs up unpleasant memories. After their kiss, Bailey treats Alice mean to keep her keen, making the situation worse. 

Friday 26 September


Can the combined efforts of Paul, Sonya, Toadie and Daniel get Paul re-elected mayor, with current mayor Sue Parker and her son Jayden so desperate to prevent it? Chris and Susan suspect that Nate is suffering from PTSD, but feel unqualified to help him. Imogen realises that she has feelings for Daniel and confesses as much to Naomi.