Homeland’s Claire Danes: Even I’m not sure whether Brody is dead

Is Damien Lewis's character really gone for good? Even his co-star isn't completely convinced...

You might have thought the death of Damian Lewis’s troubled terrorist Nicholas Brody was an open-and-shut case after he was shockingly hanged in last year’s series finale of Homeland – but in a show known for its plot twists, apparently even the stars can’t entirely trust the evidence of their own eyes.


‘A lot of people, even my friends, were saying, “Is he really dead?”, Claire Danes told Harper’s Bazaar. “And it’s absurd, but I think there’s a part of me that is also a little unsure.”

Brody not dead? Zombie Brody? Ghost Brody? It wouldn’t be the most surprising of Homeland’s plot turns…Still, before you reach for the smelling salts, it looks like Danes’ confusion could just be wishful thinking.

“I’ll really start to believe it when we’re filming and he’s not there. That’s going to be hard and sad,” she said.

“I loved working with him and he carried half the weight of the show. So I’m a little bit daunted about what that means for me.”


The new series of Homeland will see Danes’s Carrie posted to Pakistan as a CIA station chief, while struggling with the choice to keep her and Brody’s child as a single parent. It will air on Channel 4 this autumn.