Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

14-18 April: Brax makes a shock return, while Hannah increasingly relies on Andy to escape the pressures of family life

Monday 14 April


Bianca questions why Jess remains in the Bay, knowing all the pain she is causing. Irene repays Chris by setting him up on a date with Tamara, but it backfires spectacularly. Phoebe tells Kyle that her car leaves for Melbourne at 9am and that if he is not there she will leave without him. Amid the chaos, a familiar face returns. 

Tuesday 15 April

Brax wakes up a free man and reconnects with his brothers’ complicated lives. His return causes Phoebe to leave for Melbourne without Kyle. Ricky is elated that she is in the running for a dream job in London, but is sent into a tailspin by Brax. Chris creates a new burger for the diner, but Irene insists that he must go out with Denny if he wants it on the menu. When Denny finds out, she leaves her ‘date’ stranded. 

Wednesday 16 April

Andy welcomes Brax home from jail with a punch in the face, but later discovers the truth about his father’s death. Brax also has to deal with Ricky’s decision to move on. Though Zac still has feelings for her, Hannah is spending more and more time with Andy. Hannah accedes to the twins’ wishes and allows Denny to move in. Denny gets a position at the Bait Store, despite it being Harvey’s old job. 

Thursday 17 April

Hannah keeps her relationship with Andy a secret from Zac, but not from the twins. Tamara tackles the challenge of being school captain, but gets little support from her deputy, Matt, who is more interested in Sasha. John impresses Marilyn by embellishing the role he played in breaking up the fight between Andy and Brax. 

Friday 18 April

After hearing Sasha and Matt arguing over their kiss, Jett sees an opportunity to blackmail his way on to the student council. After Spencer and Matt come to blows, Jett realises the error of his ways and apologises. Josh searches for Brax but gets no help from Heath, who has problems of his own. Bianca wants Heath to make a choice, but this may have to wait as Jess goes into labour.