EastEnders spoilers: Stacey turns up at Kat and Alfie’s house – new pictures released

Fresh images show actress Lacey Turner's return to Albert Square

We caught a quick glimpse of her in last Friday’s episode, but brace yourself for lots more of Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) in the coming weeks as she returns to Albert Square.


In scenes to be shown on Tuesday 18 February, a livid Stacey will turn up at Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Alfie’s (Shane Richie) house, annoyed that her new life has been put at risk. But it’s not just her who’s angry – Alfie is also furious that Kat has put their family in danger by having a criminal in their home.


On the topic of Stacey’s return to the Square, Lacey Turner said: “Stacey is not that happy to see Kat. She is actually fuming. Stacey has been living a really nice life – she’s met a really nice boy who is genuinely loving and caring and who has looked after her and Lily. She’s got a nice set-up. They live in a nice flat. She hasn’t had to work. But Kat has stuck her nose in and ruined everything. It’s such a shame.”