Coronation Street spoilers: Brian’s exit will devastate Julie, says Katy Cavanagh

"I’m absolutely beside myself. I will miss him terribly. He’s a fantastic actor and it’s been amazing to work with him," adds the actress in reference to co-star Peter Gunn's departure


Brian and Julie’s relationship looks like it’s heading for disaster: she has a dream to foster children, he seems more keen on getting a job in another part of the country.


Next week, a twitchy Julie will be seen growing nervous about her upcoming meeting with the foster agent, only to be assured by Eileen that she has nothing to worry about with rock solid Brian by her side.

However, unbeknownst to Julie, Brian has an interview for his new job an hour before the foster meeting. Can Brian attend the interview and make it back in time for Julie, or is he about to let her down? Actress Katy Cavanagh tells us more:

Why is Julie so desperate for a child to foster?
Because her whole raison d’etre is to have a family. That’s what she lives for, that’s her dream. I don’t think she feels she’s arrived as a human being until she’s a mum and part of a family. She also thinks it’s going to fix the problems between her and Brian because things aren’t going brilliantly with them both at the moment.

Does Julie think Brian realises just how much fostering a child means to her?
Well, she thinks he’s very supportive and that he’ll want what she wants. At this point, I don’t think she realises just how much they both want different things in life. I mean, Julie never does things by halves so I imagine she would probably want to foster and then adopt a hundred children and would then probably want a dog, a cat and a parrot just to add to the family.

Does Julie have any idea that Brian’s not keen? If she does, is she choosing to ignore his lack of enthusiasm?
Julie’s got a fantastic way of masking reality, so she makes things into what she would like them to be. She doesn’t live in reality that well. Inside she knows something’s not right, but she chooses to live in the fantasy world a little bit.  

But does she believe that she and Brian are happy and settled in Weatherfield?
She definitely thinks they’re settled, but it’s not enough. Children are everything to her and I don’t think she’s ever recovered from not being able to have them. It’s something that has really affected Julie and she’s not really dealt with that issue properly.

Does she have any idea Brian has applied for a job in Wales?
She doesn’t have a clue, not even a millimetre of suspicion. But then he arrives late for the meeting with the foster agent and he tells her he got held back at school, which shocks her a bit. She didn’t expect him to let her down and it’s the first sign that there’s something not quite right.

How would Julie feel if she knew Brian had gone for a job interview behind her back?
She’d be completely devastated. I think there’s a lot more to it when someone lies to you. There’s the whole trust issue and if she found out about him going to the interview behind her back, she wouldn’t be able to trust him to be honest with her. She’d be fuming and hurt. This is such a big deal for Julie and she needs Brian by her side, but his thoughts are elsewhere.

So does Brian end up telling Julie about the job in Wales?
No, he doesn’t. It’s actually Todd who finally lets slip about the job. He randomly comes up to her in the street when she’s getting her Christmas cards and tells her. I think the fact that she doesn’t find out by Brian makes it even worse for Julie to grasp.

Can Julie forgive Brian for not being honest with her?
She’d like to forgive him but this is a huge thing for Julie. She won’t see it as just a little white lie because this affects her whole life. It might be the wake-up call that shows her things aren’t working and that they both want different things. They both really love each other but I’m not sure if they can make a compromise. Julie wants children but Brian doesn’t and Julie is going to have to realise that Brian’s not going to shift.

If Brian is determined to go to Wales, will Julie go with him?
No. I mean, she would do if he fostered children. Julie’s definitely up for a challenge and she loves travelling but she doesn’t want to do anything without children. That’s the be all and end all; it’s the one thing that she thinks will give meaning to her life.

We know that your co-star Peter Gunn [who plays Brian] is leaving – how will Julie get on without Brian?
She’s going to be devastated and moan for England. However, with Julie being Julie, she will bounce back. She’s a bit of a survivor and as long as she has her family around her and she doesn’t get too lonely, I think she’ll try and find herself a new man.

Will you be sad to see Peter go?
I’m absolutely beside myself. I will miss him terribly. He’s a fantastic actor and it’s been amazing to work with him. Brian and Julie have just been heaven and worked really well together as characters.

You’ve just had your third baby. How’s it going with a new baby in the house?
It’s third time around so I know the drill and he’s an absolute pleasure. He’s a dead happy little thing.


Would you like Julie to have a child to look after?
I don’t know because I think it’s far more interesting when a character doesn’t get what they want. It keeps it interesting, so I’m going to say no.