Coronation Street spoilers: Tina isn’t aware how dangerous Tracy can be – Michelle Keegan interview

"Rita is going to be upset with Dennis for selling her ring, so that’s why Tina feels like she needs to sort the situation out. I don’t think she even considers Tracy’s past," says the actress

The upcoming feud between Tracy and Tina is set to get particularly nasty in the coming weeks.


After Tina throws a brick through the window of Barlow’s Buys, Tracy is quick to issue her enemy with a large bill for the damage along with some added extras. Desperate to end the fighting, Rita tries to talk some sense into Tracy, but gets short shrift.

Wanting to end the feud, Rob eventually catches up with Tina and playing on the strain all this is placing on Rita, he offers a deal – he’ll pay for the repairs if Tina will publicly apologise to Tracy, who can never know of their deal. Will Tina agree?

Here, Michelle Keegan talks about the latest developments in the fallout between these two feisty females and why Tina might well be underestimating Tracy:

Is Tina putting her life in danger by taking on killer Tracy?
I don’t think she’s putting her life at risk as I don’t think Tracy would go there again after being in prison. However, Tina doesn’t understand how dangerous Tracy could be.

So, is Tina worried about being Tracy’s new enemy – after all, we are talking about someone who’s been in prison for murder?
I don’t think Tina takes that into account. Tina’s a very loyal person who fights for her own. Obviously Rita is going to be upset with Dennis for selling her ring, so that’s why she feels like she needs to interject and sort the situation out. I don’t think Tina even considers Tracy’s past.

What is it about Tracy that really gets under Tina’s skin?
Tracy stands up to Tina and not a lot of people do that. She rivals Tina because she doesn’t back down. I guess they’re similar in that way: they’re both feisty females, but Tina doesn’t like the way Tracy treated Dennis and that’s the reason they just don’t get on.

Is it a bit foolish of Tina to vandalise Tracy and Rob’s shop?
It is foolish of Tina to throw the brick through the window, but Tracy wound her up about her dad. Tina doesn’t like people talking about or bad-mouthing her family, especially when it comes to her dad. She was very close to him before he passed away and for Tracy to not really know her dad but still bad mouth him is what did it for Tina. She snapped and threw the brick, but it was very foolish and she knows that.

How does Tina react when Tracy delivers a bill for the window that she smashed?
Straight away, Tina says she’s not going to pay for it and it’s Rita who finally says she needs to pay. But Rob makes an offer and says that if Tina backs down and pays Tracy then he will secretly pay her back. She’s very tempted as she hasn’t got a lot of money.

So what happens next? Does she pay Tracy?
The police arrive in the Rovers and Tracy ends up pointing at Tina telling them how she threw a brick through her shop window. It’s through gritted teeth that Tina apologises to Tracy and agrees to pay her damages, but she instantly hates herself for giving in to Tracy.

What does she make of Rob? Could she fancy him do you think?
I don’t think she could fancy him. To be honest, I don’t think she’s in the right frame of mind to fancy anyone after what’s happened with Tommy. I do think there could be a friendship there as she’s not really against Rob. Tracy is the one she’s against.

What influence is David currently having on Tina’s decision making?
She blames David for what happened between her and Tommy and she thinks he’s the reason why Tommy left. She comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t want David in the flat anymore, she wants him out of her life and she doesn’t want to know about any problems that David has. I think all this has probably played on her mind and maybe she’s acting a bit more irrationally than usual.

After what happened with Rita on the Red Rec recently, isn’t Tina worried about dragging her into this feud?
I think that’s what makes Tina pay up in the end and say sorry. The fact that Rita has started to get involved worries Tina. Last time Tina went on a rampage and got drunk, Rita ended up getting mugged, so she blames herself for that and she stills feel a bit guilty.

What’s it been like to work with Kate Ford (Tracy) and Marc Baylis (Rob)?
I really like working with Kate and Marc. It’s always good when you get new characters to work with, as you obviously get comfortable working with certain people. It’s nice to branch out and start new relationships, so yes, it’s been lovely.


Are we going to see a darker side to Tina as she gets entrenched in this argument?
I don’t think we will see a darker side to her because she usually has good morals. I don’t think she could ever go down that road, but I think we can officially say that feisty Tina is back. She is quite mischievous when she plants the knickers in Rob’s car and she’s doing a lot to wind people up at the moment.