Coronation Street spoilers: Cherylee Houston on Izzy and Gary’s future – I love his bad boy edge

But is their relationship doomed after Ryan discovers the truth about Gary's advances towards Tina?

The inappropriate advance that Gary made towards Tina looks set to be the worst kept secret in Weatherfield after Tommy and then Ryan discover what has happened.


The one person to remain in the dark (at least for the present time) is Gary’s partner Izzy. But how would she react if she were to find out that he’d made a move on the woman who’s carrying their child?

“She’d be absolutely devastated,” admits Cherylee Houston, who plays Izzy. “It would almost be another punch in the stomach. Not only can Izzy not carry her own baby, but her partner’s also turned away from her. For her to discover he has feelings for Tina, who is doing the most intimate thing for them as a couple, would just be devastating.”

In next week’s episodes, the tension will increase for Gary when Izzy organises a family meal. So what are her reasons for doing this and how does the occasion go?

“The meal happens because Owen has caught Katy and Ryan in his house together, so Izzy’s just trying to bring everyone together in one room to smooth things over and unite the family before the birth.

“And in her mind it does go smoothly. But behind her back, Gary is trying to suss Ryan out, as Ryan has that day overheard him and Tina talking about Gary trying to kiss her. Katy also knows about it by the end of the night but Izzy is completely oblivious to it all.”

Gary’s obviously very concerned that it could be curtains for his relationship if Izzy were to learn the truth. But does Houston believe that it really would all be over? “I don’t know. It would hurt her deeply. It would be a trust issue, I think. She’s fair-minded so I don’t think she’d hold it against Tina because she had said no to Gary. She’s not a girl who’s jealous of other girls irrationally.”

One by-product of the plotline is that Gary has definitely got his bad-boy edge back. So would the actress be sad to see her on-screen partner’s caring, sharing side sidelined?


“No, I love the bad boy! I really like that edge. It’s great to play opposite. Izzy takes no prisoners where he’s concerned and is capable of reigning him in, so that’s really enjoyable to play. More bad boy please!”