If you're looking for a challenge (and to complete the game) you'll want to take on the Palworld bosses.


Boss battles come in two varieties in Pocketpair's survival-crafting game: Syndicate Tower Bosses and Alpha Bosses.

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Think of Syndicate Towers Bosses as similar to Gyms in the Pokémon games and you get the picture.

Alpha Bosses or World Bosses or Field Alpha Pal Bosses (or whatever you want to call them), meanwhile, are powerful Pals you'll find on the game's map.

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Defeat those Alpha Bosses and you might just get hold of a Legendary Schematic.

With both boss-battle types, there are plenty of big, powerful enemies to bring down, and you'll want to know where to find them and how to beat them in order.

Keep reading to find out where to find the locations of all of the Palworld bosses and to discover how to defeat them. Bring only your best Pals.

Where are all the Palworld bosses?

The Palworld map with all the bosses locations listed
The Palworld map. Pocketpair, Map Genie

Above are all of the Palworld bosses pinpointed on the map, courtesy of Map Genie. Each Boss is found in their respective biome, hence why they are commonly referred to as Biome Bosses.

Zoe and Grizzbolt can be found in the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate which is close by to the Plateau of Beginnings starting area.

Lily and Lyleen lie further to the North atop a snowy peak in The Tower of the Free Pal Alliance.

Axel and Orserk are due West from the starting area in the volcano biome and can be found at the top of The Tower of the Brothers of Eternal Pyre.

Marcus and Faleris are on the desert island to the very Northeast and reside in The Tower of the PIDF.

Finally, Victor and Shadowbeak are far to the north in the snowy biome and can be found in The Tower of PAL Genetic Research Unit.

Best order to take on Palworld bosses

There’s only really one order you should fight the Palworld Bosses, in due to how difficult they are to defeat:

  • Zoe and Grizzbolt
  • Lily and Lyleen
  • Axel and Orserk
  • Marcus and Faleris
  • Victor and Shadowbeak

You will get annihilated if you try and leapfrog bosses, as they require much more advanced weapons and higher-level Pals to take down.

Some of the bosses are found in biomes that require specialised gear, too, as the climate will cause damage if you’re not prepared.

The weather is one thing – actually defeating the bosses is another, which we’ll go over just below.

Full list of Palworld bosses and how to beat them

A character in Palword with wings, holding a staff and looking into camera
Palword. Pocketpair

Below are all Palworld Bosses with guidance on how to beat them and, ideally, what level you want to be at before tackling them.

Zoe and Grizzbolt

Before making your way to The Tower of Rayne Syndicate, be sure to reach around Level 15, as this will gain you access to some more-than-useful tech.

As Grizzbolt is an Electric-type Pal, you’ll want to bring some Ground-type Pals such as Fuddler and Gumoss to counter his attacks.

Though Grizzbolt makes use of ranged electric attacks, they will most often try to come at you with their fearsome claws. Try and take cover behind a pillar as they make their attack. Once they are close, Grizzbolt will begin their slam attack, which you can avoid with three dodges.

Zoe will also try and shoot you, with her attack only being signposted for a few moments before she launches it your way.

To help keep your distance, you should head into the fight equipped with a Crossbow, which is unlocked at Technology Tier 13. This will help whittle down Grizzbolt’s health while making sure you don’t get a nasty slash.

Video guide on how to beat Zoe and Grizzbolt in Palworld by YouTuber True Vanguard.

Lily and Lyleen

Ideally, you will want to have reached Level 25 before tackling Lil and Lyleen as well as bringing Fire-Tpye Pals for maximum damage against the Grass-Type Lyleen.

Your Fire-Type Pals are also more resistant to Grass-Type Pals, making them the most ideal choice. Our top pick would be Vanwyrm as being a mount, you can quickly get out of the way of attacks though at the cost of Lily and Lyleen not splitting their focus.

At Level 22, Vanwyrm unlocks Ignis Breath, which will deal a lot of damage to Lyleen. Seeing as Lyleen has 69,0000 health points, you’ll want attacks such as these to get it down to zero before the timer runs out.

We’d also recommend you craft a Makeshift Handgun (which becomes available at Technology Tier 25) as Lyleen is very quick so melee attacks are very difficult to use. Be sure to craft plenty of Coarse Ammo too.

Video guide by YouTuber Rubhen925 on how to defeat Lily and Lyleen.

Axel and Orserk

Axel and Orserk really up the ante and as such, make sure you’ve hit Level 40 before setting out to The Tower of the Brothers of Eternal Pyre.

Orserk is a Dragon-Electric-Type Pal and we think an Ice-Type pal such as Ice Reptyro (who is both an Ice and Ground Pal) is best suited to defeat them, as Orserk will be most susceptible to Ice attacks and will have a chance of becoming frozen, netting you some breathing space to either dish out some extra damage or take a moment to heal.

You’ll unlock the Double-Barreled Shotgun at Technology Tier 39 and this veritable cannon will do the trick nicely as it dishes out massive damage, has good range and is ideal for when Orserk gets up close and personal.

Oserk will regularly charge at you to try and use its Draconic Breath or a fairly nasty area-of-effect attack that needs perfectly-timed dodges to avoid so be sure to keep to its flanks to avoid this.

Orserk has a hefty pool of 130,000 health points, so be sure to bring plenty of ammo and healing items.

Video guide by Levas on YouTube on how to defeat Axel and Orserk.

Marcus and Faleris

Marcus and Faleris prove to be very difficult bosses to defeat and you’ll be best equipped if you grind yourself and your Pal up to Level 45.

As Faleris is a Fire-Type Pal, Water-Type Pals are the natural fit to get the better of them. Our picks for these would be Suzaku Aqua, Kelpse or Jormuntide. You’ll also want to don some Heat Resistant Armour, too, to negate some of the effects of Faleris's attacks.

Said attacks are pretty brutal too, with the Ignis Breath proving to be particularly nasty. There are also tornados and fireballs to contend with, so you will want to remain mobile throughout the fight or you will find yourself out of the fight pretty quick.

As Faleris can fly, melee attacks are out of the question and you’ll want to make use of your Pals’ ranged attacks as well as crafting yourself an Assault Rifle which becomes available at Technology Tier 45. The Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armour goes a long way in keeping you safe, and this can be crafted at Technology Tier 40. The Hyper Shield – the best in the game – will also keep your HP in the green.

If you wait a little until Technology Tier 46, you can also craft the the Refined Metal Helm.

With 147,000 health points, you’ll need every last bit of help you can get.

Video guide by YouTuber Levas on how to defeat Marcus and Faleris in Palworld.

Victor and Shadowbeak

The final Bosses in the game, Victor and Shadowbeak, call for the maximum Level 50 before undertaking these monstrous two.

Being Dark-Type Pal, you’ll want to bring along only your best Dragon-Type pals, these being Jetragon, Quivern and Chillet.

Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armour unlocked at Technology Tier 50 will do the business nicely, as well as the Pal Metl Helm, unlocked at Tier 46. The Hyper Shield used against Marcus and Faleris will once again come in clutch. The Rocket Launcher is by far and away the best weapon to take along with you too.

Shadowbeak makes use of Dark Powers to dish out serious damage. Be sure to use the pillars to avoid these as well as your dodges. Fortunately, with your armour, you won’t succumb to any Freeze attacks that will glue you to the spot.

There are 200,000 health Points to whittle away, so ensure your Rocket Launcher is well-fed with plenty of ammo. A Pal with Lifesteal abilities will help keep your own HP topped up, too.

Video guide by YouTuber Rubhen925 on how to defeat Victor and Shadowbeak.

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Full list of Alpha Pals to beat

A Foxparks in Palworld, with fire surrounding it.
Foxparks in Palworld. Pocketpair

As well as the main Palworld bosses, the Palworld Map is littered with plenty of Alpha Bosses that can get you additional Ancient Technology points, resources and Ancient Civilisation Parts.

Check out this YouTube video by ConCon to see where all of the Alpha Pal boss locations are in Palworld:

Below, we have all of them listed with their level, variation and location.

  • Chillet (Level 11) – Dancer of the Plains – The Tower of Rayne Syndicate
  • Sweepea (Level 11) – Majesty of Fuzz – Small Cove
  • Gumoss (Level 13) – Suddenly transformed – Hillside cavern
  • Killamari (Level 13) – Emotionless – Hillside Cavern
  • Dumut (Level 14) – Perpetual Procrastinator – Ice Wind Island
  • Penking (Level 15) – Pioneer of the Frozen Sea – Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings
  • Azurobe (Level 17) – Lady of the Lake – Bamboo Groves
  • Grintale (Level 17) – Marshmallow Body – Eastern Wild Island
  • Nitewing (Level 18) – Wings of the Firmament – Ice Wind Island
  • Katress (Level 23) – Phantasmal Feline – Sealed Realm of the Invincible
  • Kingpaca (Level 23) – Supreme Fluff Commander – Small Settlement
  • Bushi (Level 23) – Vagrant Warrior – Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster
  • Quivern (Level 23) – Wings of White – Sealed Realm of the Winged Tryant
  • Felbat (Level 23) – Gloom-shourded Bloodsucker – Sealed Realm of the Abyss
  • Fenglope (Level 25) – Drifting Cloud – Falls Mineshaft
  • Petallia (Level 28) – Lady of the Garden – Sealed Realm of Spirits
  • Beakon (Level 29) – Wings of Thunder – Deep Bamboo Thicket
  • Broncherry Aqua (Level 30) – Waves of Thunder – Bamboo Groves
  • Elphidran (Level 30) – Gentle Sky Dragon – Hypocrite Hill
  • Warsect (Level 30) – Unyielding Colossus – Sealed Realm of the Stalwart
  • Elizabee (Level 31) – Empress of the Hive – Lake Center
  • Mossanda Lux (Level 31) – Inheritor of the Storm – Eastern Wild Island
  • Relaxxasaurus Lux (Level 31) – Gluttonous Thunder Dragon – Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon
  • Univolt (Level 31) – Swift Deity – Sea Breeze Archipelago
  • Lunaris (Level 32) – Extraterrestrial – Sealed Realm of the Esoteric
  • Verdash (Level 35) – Gale of the Forest – Sealed Realm of the Swift
  • Mammorest (Level 38) – King of the Forest – Grassy Behemoth Hills
  • Vaelet (Level 38) – Voice of the Violets – Sealed Realm of the Guardian
  • Wumpo Batan (Level 38) – Guardian of the Grassy Fields – Eastern Wild Island
  • Sibelyx (Level 40) – Pallid Lady – Pristine Snow Field
  • Menasting (Level 44) – Unstoppable Singer – Desiccated Mineshaft
  • Jormuntide (Level 45) – Emperor of the Sea – Eastern Wild Island
  • Suzaku (Level 45) – Ruler of the Crimson Dawn – Sand Dunes
  • Ice Kingpacs (Level 46) – Azure Fluff Commander – Forgotten Mineshaft
  • Anubis (Level 47) – Guardian of the Dark Sun – Twilight Dunes
  • Dinossom Lux (Level 47) – Guardian of Lightning – The Furthest Mineshaft
  • Astegon Level 48) – Ravager of Stars – Mount Obsidian
  • Blazamut (Level 49) – Cursed Tyrant – Ancient Civilisation Ruins
  • Frostallion (Level 50) – Legendary Steed of Ice – Land of Absolute Zero
  • Jetragon (Level 50) – Legendary Celestial Dragon – Mount Obsidian
  • Necromus (Level 50) – Dark Knight of Legend – Desiccated Desert
  • Paladius (Level 50) – Holy Knight of Legend – Desiccated Desert

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