If you're a fan of open world games like Pokémon, you'll know that getting to know the map is an important step in mastering the game.


It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that it'll help to know the area in Palworld – the game that's dubbed Pokémon with Guns. Especially when it comes to scouring the mountain peaks for a Huge Dragon Egg, in a bid to get Jormuntide Ignis in your corner.

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So how big is the map, exactly? And is there a way to get acquainted with the world without traversing the whole thing on foot? Let's take a look at what the majestic internet has given us...

Full Palworld interactive map revealed

A map of the Palworld map, Palpagos
An overview of the Palworld map, Palpagos. Pocketpair, Map Genie

Courtesy of Map Genie, the full Palworld map, Palpagos Island, can be seen in full. And, better yet, Map Genie even has an interactive version!

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Map Genie frequently compiles interactive maps for many different games, so it's a great resource if you ever find yourself stuck.

You can also search for exactly what you’re looking for by using the handy-dandy filter.

In our screenshot above, we only have fast travel points enabled, for example, as this is what we want to find first when exploring a new area, should we succumb to a powerful Pal and want to travel back.

But if there’s anything you’re looking for - be it eggs, Syndicate Towers, Memos, Treasure Chests or heatmaps for specific Pals - Map Genie has got you covered!

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