Emmerdale star Michael Parr on Emma killer reveal – “Ross would have been too obvious”

The actor reveals all on the climax to the soap’s murder mystery


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Emmerdale - Ep 8012

Tuesday 12th December 2017 

The police present Ross Barton [MICHAEL PARR] with a warrant to search the house but will they find what they are looking for and will Adam forgive Victoria?

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Emmerdale actor Michael Parr has said that it wouldn’t have been satisfying for viewers had Ross been revealed to be Emma’s killer.


“I think it would have been a little too obvious if it were Ross,” Parr said tonight.

Thursday’s double bill of the ITV soap saw it revealed that Moira had been the one to kill the deranged Emma. Ross, however, remains ignorant of this and still believes that he convinced his mum to commit suicide.

“Ross still thinks he’s done it, so I still get to play all the guilt and shame,” added the actor. “These past few months have been high stress for him – he had to get out of town to get his head straight. And it’s been weighing on his conscience, but he’s been trying to justify it by thinking that he didn’t actually push Emma. But still, he did walk her to her fate.”

Speaking about when he himself discovered that Moira was the guilty party, Parr said:

“I knew quite far in advance, but only because I was aware of other stories further down the line. When I was talking to our producer Iain MacLeod about an upcoming story, there were no repercussions that suggested it had been Ross who’d killed Emma. So I thought, ‘right, OK, I must be here for a little while!’”


This latest Emmerdale storyline has seen the departures of not only actress Gillian Kearney as Emma, but Joe Gill (Finn Barton) too, while Adam Thomas – who plays Adam Barton – is also set to exit in the months ahead.

Speaking about the diminishment of his on-screen family, Parr joked: “The Bartons are getting a little thin on the ground now – me and Anthony Quinlan [Pete] need to work really hard now or we’re going to lose our jobs.”

But it seems that family tragedy will only end up strengthening the sibling bond between Ross and Pete: “All this brings them closer together. They bonded when their parents first died and the suspicion drove them apart a bit.

“But, ultimately, you’ll see that closer bond forming, which I love. There’s potential for a good storyline for the two brothers where they’re actually getting on and causing some trouble together!”

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