We’re almost certainly getting a double firing on tonight’s The Apprentice

As the process reaches its eighth week without a multi-firing, Lord Sugar has to jettison a LOT of candidates before the incoming interview stage


Good news Apprentice fans: we’re almost guaranteed at least a double-firing in tonight’s Week eight doggy daycare task.


Well, that’s according to the maths. At the moment there are 11 candidates left in the competition and, presuming the series follows the same structure as previous years, only five of these budding businesspeople will see it to the interview stage in week 11. And we’ve only got three more episodes until then. Three episodes to shed six candidates.

So, how is Lord Sugar going to split the half-dozen firings? He has to get rid of an average two candidates per episode, meaning the most obvious answer is we’re set for a trio of double-firings across three weeks.

Of course, Lord Sugar could whittle down 11 candidates with a triple or even quadruple firing in weeks nine and ten, meaning theoretically only one contestant could be fired tonight. However, that’s not a likely scenario. Since the show featured 18 candidates, this is the longest we’ve had to wait for a multi-firing ever.

And if a boardroom purge is imminent that means that it’s not a great time to be a project manager: out of the 11 multi-firings in the show’s history, only once did the losing PM escape elimination.

Granted, it’s not absolutely certain we’ll witness Sugar pull the trigger on his firing finger twice this week. It could be that more than five candidates make it to the interview stage and more than two candidates will be in this year’s final. But that would assume that this year’s contestants are the best the show the show has ever seen.

We’ll leave no comment on that, but we will give you another glimpse at last week’s Car TV advert where the candidates didn’t know what a Norman village was…

…a double-firing it is.


The Apprentice is on 9pm Wednesdays, BBC1