The X Factor week four: who sang the best?

Here are all the performances from Saturday and Sunday

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Love was in the air on The X Factor this weekend, with all the remaining acts singing “make up or break up” songs for the Crazy in Love theme.


This week of course proved even more cruel, with each night seeing a double elimination instead of the usual single act leaving.

But who deserves to stay in the competition? And whose performance do you need to catch up on?

Check out all the performances below in our bumper X Factor recap, and read what judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger have to say about their remaining acts.

The Boys and the Groups perform live on Saturday, while the Girls and the Overs take to the stage on Sunday.

Sunday: GIRLS

Rai-Elle Williams

Song: Mr. Big Stuff (Jean Knight)

The judges said: After Sam Black’s lacklustre start to the show on Saturday, Rai-Elle’s Sunday night opener was much more like it.

“What a start to the show. You are so small in your body, but you’ve got a big future,” Louis said.

“It was so fun, so playful,” Nicole added. “You remind me of a little baby British Lauryn Hill!”

Simon was celebrating too: “You are just getting better and better and better,” he said. “You never complain, you never moan, no excuses.

“With all that choreography going on as well, it’s so hard. OK some of the vocals were off a little bit,” he added, but it didn’t matter. “You have to be in the semi-final next week.”

Sharon agreed: “Again, another great performance, but who other than you could find a song from the Seventies and make it your own, make it current?”

Grace Davies

Song: Hesitate (her own song)

The judges said: Original song, original hit with the judges.

“We’ve got you back again after the last two weeks. This was great,” Simon Cowell said.

“The fact that you’ve got the confidence to do your own material – and it stood up that song,” he added. “Your energy was much better tonight. Something’s changed. We’ve got Grace back, congratulations.”

“You’re such a great songwriter,” Nicole said. “It sounds like it could be on the radio now.”

“I love the fact you’re writing original songs, you’re going to have an amazing career after this,” Louis added.

Getting the picture now?

Holly Tandy

Song: Love Me Harder (Ariana Grande & The Weeknd)

The judges said: Louis Walsh made a strong call after Holly’s performance: “If I’m really honest, I think you could be under pressure. I do. I think she could be in trouble, because I know the standard of everybody here tonight.”

Sharon was furious: “Thanks for that information Louis! Holly you did yourself proud, I’m really really proud of you.”

Simon was in two minds. “You’ve come back with a way better song for yourself. You look more current. Is it the best song? Probably not.”

However, he added, “Everyone’s come out fighting for a place in the semi-final, and you’ve just put your stamp on the competition.”


Kevin Davy White

Song: I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)

The judges said: Phew, this one got heated. “You picked a big song, but I didn’t like it quite as much as last week,” Louis said, kicking off the Kevin kerfuffle.

“You are the nicest person that we’ve ever had here. Everybody here adores you, and you took a huge risk with that song. It was good, I don’t think it was your best, but we love you,” Sharon said.

Simon was even more unforgiving, which did not impress Nicole sat next to him.

“My gut feeling was that the guitar actually sounded out of tune,” he said. “I lost the emotion.”

“You’ve been doing so brilliantly, for some reason tonight it didn’t quite connect,” he said, but Nicole wasn’t having it.

“This is all just hogwash! So before I start to say something that my mother wouldn’t be happy with on live television, it’s all about the love this week.”

She added, “It doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles and shazams; that was pure. “You took one of the biggest songs ever and made it your own. It was a masterpiece up there.”

Matt Linnen

Song: Fallin’ (Alicia Keys)

The judges said: A strong response from the judges for Matt this Sunday, with all four singing from the same hymn sheet.

“You’re so consistent, I love the way you work the stage. After that performance you have to be safe for next week,” said Louis.

“I have to say this is probably the best performance that you’ve done to date,” Sharon added, while Simon called him “the most improved contestant from where we first saw you to now. You just give 1000 per cent.”

“My favourite thing is when an artist is done and they’re out of breath, beacuase you know they’re left it all out on the stage,” Nicole said of her act. “I’m so proud of you. You just slayed tonight.”

Saturday: BOYS

Sam Black

Song: Oops (Little Mix ft. Charlie Puth)

The judges said: Ouch, the judges did not hold back this week.

“That’s what I call a prawn cocktail. That’s not the main course or a dessert, it’s just the little thing you have before the big thing,” Simon Cowell said to cries from Louis Walsh.

“Everything that happens around you has been done by other people,” Simon added.

But that wasn’t all: “For me it was the worst performance you’ve done so far,” Nicole Scherzinger said.

“I’ve never seen just you up there singing from the heart and from the soul,” Sharon added – but Louis was there to stick up for his act.

“You’re still here so obviously people like you,” he said, adding somewhat forlornly, “I love prawn cocktail. I don’t know why all the negativity.”

Lloyd Macey

Song: From This Moment On (Shania Twain ft. Bryan White)

The judges said: Lloyd’s performance split the judges tonight – and resulted in the second weird food analogy of the night.

“This was great, but it didn’t make me emotional,” Simon said, with Nicole chiming in, “You have such a beautiful instrument. His voice is his instrument.”

BUT: “You to me are like a perfect bowl of spaghetti. I love spaghetti, but sometimes I’m hungry for some arrabiata.”

Something with a bit more punch? “A little less cheese,” Nicole explained. With Simon talking about prawn cocktails earlier in the night, we’re starting to wonder whether the judges had their dinner before tonight’s recording…



Song: Mona Lisa (their own song)

The judges said: The final act of the night, and clearly the favourite in the studio if the crowd noise was anything to go by.

“Love you, every week you bring it,” Louis said with the crowd almost drowning out his comments. “You’ve got it all.”

“You guys are unbelievable songwriters,” Sharon said. “Everything you do has amazing hooks to it. Your melody lines through the song are superb.”

Running out of praise, she simply said, “See ya, bye, it’s done.”

Nicole, delivering the most painfully premeditated line of the night, said, “It’s Crazy in Love week, and I think this country has fallen crazy in love with Rak-Su.” Oh boy…

Simon gave the group a standing ovation after their performance, and admitted afterwards that he had had a pretty easy ride as their mentor this year.

“I do absolutely nothing, and that’s the way it should be,” he said. “There is so much talent in this country, and you are showing that.”

The Cutkelvins

Song: Saved Me From Myself (The Cutkelvins)

The judges said: Singing their first original song after performing covers all the way through, the judges all thought this would be a risk for them.

But, at least according to Louis, the risk “totally paid off”.

Sharon agreed: “A really, really great song” Sharon said, adding, “We don’t want to lose you.”

Nicole agreed that the risk had paid off, saying, “The Cutkelvins have arrived! Where did that come from?”

“I love that you had the balls to come out and do your own song,” she added.

Simon’s reaction was the weirdest of the night however: “It’s just occurred to me that we’re going to lose two people tonight. I don’t know who agreed to that.”

Surely you did Simon? “No I didn’t. No I didn’t,” he insisted. OK?

“This showed the audience more about you as people, as artists,” he added. But is it enough to stop them falling into the bottom two?

Sean and Conor Price

Song: Issues (Julia Michaels)

The judges said: Coming after Sam Black’s opener, the boys had the judges eating out of the palm of their hand.

“You’re real people, you’re great role models. I want to see you hear next week so bad!” Louis said.

“Excellent song choice,” Sharon put in. “I think this is where you shine. You’ve built up to this, and you really shined tonight.”

Nicole wasn’t quite so convinced, saying, “I still think you guys are better than that.”

“I think you could have come with a more original interpretation of the song,” she added – but Simon was having none of it.

“Somebody’s a little bit grumpy tonight!” he laughed, casting his eye sideways to Nicole before turning back to his boys.


“The competition going into the semi-final next week just wouldn’t be the same without you two,” he said.