Marvel scraps plans for a new Ghost Rider TV series

The Ghost Rider team and Hulu hit “a creative impasse”, according to reports

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (SEAC)

The upcoming TV series of Ghost Rider has reportedly been axed.


The live-action series, starring Gabriel Luna, was originally picked up in May by Hulu alongside Helstrom, with both series set to air next year.

But while Marvel’s Helstrom series is still on track to premiere in 2020, Ghost Rider was pulled due to a “creative impasse that could not be resolved”, according to Deadline.

The story was set to follow Robbie Reyes, the antihero who finds himself consumed by fire and tied to a demon.

Trying to use his dark powers for good, Robbie unleashes as Ghost Rider in order to bring vengeance to those who have been wronged, but the all-encompassing power becomes increasingly difficult to control.

Gabriel Luna (Getty)

Terminator: Dark Fate star Luna was due to reprise the role after this incarnation of Ghost Rider first appeared on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – and the actor was excited about returning to the role.

“I love that we have a whole wonderful, beautiful writer’s room right now, just exploring Robbie’s psychology,” Luna said to io9 just a few weeks ago. “We get to continue to add to the canon, because it seems like everything we do with Robbie is just we’re pushing the canon.”

At this stage, it is not yet clear whether Ghost Rider could be brought back to life on another streaming service – potentially Disney +, which will be the home to several Marvel spin-offs, including the long-awaited Loki TV series.


Hulu is still planning to continue with the rest of its Marvel content, which includes a third season of Marvel’s Runaways scheduled to premiere in December this year.