Emmerdale: Doug faces prison for manslaughter following Gerry’s death

Will poor Mr Potts be locked up?

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Doug Potts is facing the possibility of being charged with manslaughter after being quizzed by the police in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale.


As viewers know, twisted teen Lachlan White orchestrated the death of his supposed friend Gerry Roberts during Thursday’s double bill of the ITV soap.

But investigating officers look set to put the blame on Doug for not securing the site of the repairs at the B&B.

A tearful Doug was seen tearfully telling daughter Laurel that he expects to spend the rest of his days in a prison cell, while a guilty-looking Lachlan eavesdropped on their conversation.


As we witnessed yesterday, it was Lachlan who bludgeoned Gerry to death after causing the ceiling of the B&B to collapse on top of him. But the police are currently unaware of Lachlan’s guilty secret.

At one moment, it seemed as though Lachlan was going to confess all to girlfriend Belle, only for her to then hit him with the bombshell news that she’s expecting his baby.

So will Lachlan decide to keep quiet for the sake of his unborn child? And will Doug end up taking the rap for Lachlan’s crime? Emmerdale returns on Monday at 7.00pm.


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