Emmerdale: Dan is NOT Amelia’s dad – but when will she find out?

DNA test confirms Daz as biological father


Emmerdale has revealed the results of the DNA test confirming if Dan or his brother Daz Spencer is Amelia Spencer’s biological father – and it’s ‘uncle’ Daz who is the daddy.


The warring Spencer siblings were rocked by Daz’s recent revelation he slept with his late sister-in-law Ali while she and Dan were married, and he’s always suspected he could be little Amelia’s real dad as a result of the one-night stand.

Having taken a DNA test, the results finally came through but Dan has been terrified of opening the letter and risking his whole life being turned upside down – if Amelia wasn’t biologically his, would he feel differently about the girl he’d raised as his daughter? Would Daz want more involvement as a father figure?

In tonight’s emotional episode, Daz begged his brother to read the results before Amelia returned to the village from her holiday, but defiant Dan held out and declared whatever the letter says is irrelevant and wouldn’t change a thing – despite this, girlfriend Kerry Wyatt and Daz urged him to read the results.


Tearing open the envelope and confronted with the proof Amelia is not his, devastated Dan dashed out of the house followed by Daz and Kerry, finally revealing all as he broke down in tears.

Amelia returns on Wednesday, but will she learn the truth? Emmerdale has teased she arrives back in the middle of a furious family fight and is confused as to what’s going on. Demanding to know why there’s such tension in the air, will Daz and Dan put their differences aside to calmly explain to Amelia who her real dad is? Or keep her in the dark and risk her finding out by accident?


“Dan won’t want to tell her, but he knows it’s the right thing to do,” says Liam Fox, who plays Dan. “They just have to deal with the situation. Dan hopes it’s all going to work out for the best, but he might end up losing Amelia forever…”

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