Emmerdale: Gerry in deadly danger as Lachlan’s killer crime exposed – watch the scene

Is Lucky's terrified best mate next week's mystery death?


Emmerdale has confirmed the death of a regular character next week when disaster strikes the village, and a new clip teases Gerry Roberts or Doug Potts could be the ones to meet their maker.


In the scene from the episode showing on Wednesday 16 May, Doug is examining a dodgy lintel in the B&B while oblivious Gerry has his headphones in as he listens again to the incriminating voicemail from the car crash that killed Lawrence and Chrissie White and confirms Lachlan was responsible for his mum losing control of the vehicle.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 05.56.24

Doug is concerned as he’s perched at the top of a ladder and poking crumbling plaster coming from the increasingly-creaking lintel, and shares his worry to Gerry it could all come crashing down…

Racing off to find some support poles before they can get the builder to take a proper look at the unstable structure, there’s a palpable sense of doom in the air as distracted Gerry sets off to confront Lachlan, who doesn’t realise his mate has heard the crash voicemail.

Is Doug’s dodgy lintel a clue as to who’s life is in danger in Thursday’s episode? Or a red herring to put us off the scent? Either way, Lachlan’s killer secret is surely about to be exposed – and that probably will not end well for anyone…


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