Home and Away: John collapses – plus Kat discovers the identity of the arsonist

10-14 April 2017: And Ash and VJ reconcile at Billie’s funeral


Next week’s drama on Home and Away revealed:


Monday 10 April

Alf unwittingly prevents the arsonist from setting fire to the Bait Shop. Kat finds a lighter at the crime scene and has it checked for fingerprints, but the result comes as a profound shock. Justin discovers what Phoebe has done but is not angry with her. As John’s symptoms worsen, he collapses in an uncontrollable fit. 

Tuesday 11 April

John is revealed to have a brain tumour, which can cause behavioural changes, which may explain a great deal. After learning more about the events surrounding Billie’s death, Ash mends fences with VJ and the two begin to bond. After meeting Nina, Justin comes to a heartbreaking decision. 

Wednesday 12 April

Billie’s nearest and dearest gather together to give her an emotional send-off. VJ and Ash scatter her ashes in the ocean. John slides into despair at the damage that his unconscious actions have caused. The gulf between Zac and Leah widens as Zac seeks solace in Sam. 

Thursday 13 April

Zac is utterly ashamed but cannot bring himself to confess to Leah. He also manages to alienate Sam. Evie has a decision to make after Matt finds the letter offering her a posting to work with needy children in Vietnam. Brody is worried when Tori tells him that she and Riley are back together. 


Friday 14 April

Tori admits that she is contemplating a move to the city with Riley. Mason asks Olivia to go on a road trip with him, but notices that she seems to become distracted whenever Hunter comes anywhere near her. To Alf’s delight, Irene seems to be bonding with her grandchild. Nate is summoned to a meeting at the hospital.