Iranian television did a hilarious job of covering up Charlize Theron’s Oscars dress

Theron was wearing a gold lamé Dior gown with acute fear of female skin accessories


And the Oscar for best use of MS Paint goes to… the Iranian Labor News Agency for filling in Charlize Theron’s dress.


Although the agency broadcast news of Iranian film The Salesman winning Best Foreign Picture, they thought the Mad Max star – who presented the award – needed a make-over before appearing on screen. Using high-tech editing software, they censored Theron’s dress with a bold use of black, covering everything apart from her head.

And despite being applied to prevent sensitive viewers in Iran from seeing her bare arms and chest, we love how the minimalist outfit pays homage to her character Queen Ravenna in Snow White and The Huntsman. That and the way the dress seems to follow her around the room on a second’s delay. 

Theron’s wasn’t the only outfit to get censored, though. As Iranian-American engineer Anousheh took to the stage to collect The Salesman’s award on behalf of director Asghar Farhadi – who was boycotting the ceremony in protest of President Donald Trump’s travel ban – the censor came back. But unfortunately, the tiny patch of exposed skin on her shoulder was blurred out rather than painted in.

See the stylish censors for yourself below…