Emmerdale: Robert to break Lachlan out of prison?

There's drama behind bars in next week's episodes of the ITV soap


Rebecca White isn’t in the good books with her family at the moment and Lachlan is due to enter his plea for attempted murder in court soon. So next week in Emmerdale, she’ll try to enlist the help of her partner in crime Robert Sugden to break Lachlan out of jail!


Early on in the week, Lawrence comforts Chrissie about Lachlan’s plea. When Rebecca says they should prepare for the worst, it irritates both of them. They view her as being responsible for what’s happened. The sisters argue and Rebecca is shocked when Lawrence takes Chrissie’s side.

Robert’s pleased about the prospect of getting Andy back if Lachlan pleads guilty in court. Rebecca, however, tells Robert they have to break Lachlan out of prison. He’s horrified and refuses to help her but she threatens him, saying she’ll tell Aaron about their kiss otherwise.

Later, during an hour-long episode to be broadcast on Tuesday 29 November, Rebecca puts her plan to break Lachlan out into action. She steals a security pass and gives it to Robert, telling him not to mess this up. He knows what a big risk he’s taking.

Just as Lachlan is brought into the courtroom, Rebecca sets off the fire alarms in the ladies’ toilets. The alarms sound before Lachlan can enter his plea. In the corridors in the bowels of the building, Robert gets a call from Aaron and is torn over whether go through with the rescue or not. Will he do it?

Later in the week, Chrissie lays down the law with Rebecca, telling her to pick either Robert or her family. She goes to find Robert at the Woolpack but he’s cold towards her, telling her they have nothing to talk about.

Feeling bitter about how he’s treated her, Rebecca tells Aaron that Robert kissed her. How will Aaron, who has had his concerns about the pair spending time together, react when he hears this?

Charity, meanwhile, has had enough of Aaron and Robert’s constant fighting, while Chas moans about Liv’s stuff being strewn everywhere. Robert begins to think they need to move out. When he hears that the Mill is being auctioned, he wants to take Liv’s offer to chip in for a place, but Aaron isn’t keen.

So can Aaron forgive Robert for his kiss with Rebecca? And what will Rebecca, a woman scorned, have in store for Robert next?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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