Who is Selasi Gbormittah? The Great British Bake Off 2016 contestant guide

Everything you need to know about Selasi, one of the amateur bakers in GBBO 2016


The Great British Bake Off 2016 contestants: Selasi Gbormittah

Age: 30


From: London

Profession: Banking worker

Follow Selasi on Twitter @selasigb

Who is Selasi Gbormittah?

Basketball, biking and baking: Selasi is this year’s Bake Off action man. When he’s not shooting hoops, he’s taking to the open road with his mates in his own ‘Sunday Motorbike Club’ (essentially a Bake Off version of Hell’s Angels).

Like Rav, Selasi is also a fan of charity work, recently running a 10k, half marathon and trekking through Malawi to raise money. Oh, and baking for cake sales. Obviously.

But all that means nothing compared to his most impressive feat to date: eating 12 doughnuts in 13 minutes.

#beast indeed.

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Originally from Ghana, Selasi moved to the UK with his family 15 years ago which was when baking first piqued his interest. “It’s funny growing up and not knowing that much about baking and then all of a sudden loving it so much,” he says.

Nowadays Selasi lives with his girlfriend in London where he works as a Client Service Associate in a financial institution.

What is Selasi’s baking style?

Know that contestant each year with a crazy eye for detail? Selasi might be that baker. When there’s a charity bake sale at his office, he always turns up with delicate cupcakes.

How well is Selasi doing?

Selasi has been a viewer favourite since week one, and barring a few mishaps during the middle few weeks, he’s been as cooly consistent as ever.


Botanical Week also saw some fantastic chemistry between him and fellow baker Benjamina; two of the best characters in the tent. Will Tudor Week cut them asunder?