Coronation Street: Billy and Todd to split following relationship bust-up?

There is a rollercoaster week coming up for the vicar and his boyfriend


Despite resistance from ex Sean, Billy’s relationship with Todd Grimshaw has been going well in recent times. However, an ill-judged remark from Todd and the demands of vicar Billy’s job will create tension for the couple next week in Coronation Street.


Todd will book a night at a fancy hotel for the two of them. Although Sean attempts to scupper their plans, they both make it to the hotel and Billy suggests they head straight up to the room.  Todd is keen, but as they get intimate he makes a comment about Billy’s religion.

Actor Dan Brocklebank, who plays Billy, explains what happens next: “Todd says that he was worried Billy wouldn’t be up for it because he thought he’d still be ‘under the Bishop’s petticoats’. That really annoys Billy and he pulls back and asks Todd if that’s really how he thinks of him – if so then maybe Todd doesn’t know Billy after all!

“Todd throws his toys out of the pram because he hasn’t got his own way and it hasn’t gone to plan. So he storms out and says to Billy that he can pay for the room!”

Before he leaves, Todd tells Billy that a relationship without sex isn’t a proper relationship. Billy is visibly upset and tells mate Eva he has ruined the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Later, Todd goes to the vicarage and apologies, and the couple make up. Billy kisses him and leads him upstairs. Elsewhere, Todd has been finding Phelan increasingly irritating and eventually his mum Eileen tells him he has to leave the house if he can’t be civil. Todd tells Billy he can’t be around Phelan any longer, and wonders whether he can stay at the rectory.

Brocklebank adds: “This isn’t good because Billy knows the Bishop’s stance on him living with somebody is a no-go. He tells Todd that he can stay for a few nights but that’s where it ends. Todd can’t get his head round why a gay man in 2016 can’t live with his boyfriend. But Billy’s job has parameters and he has to stick to them.”

Todd lets his mum know that he’s moved in with Billy. Sean overhears and Billy feels dreadful about it. Later that night Todd suggests a cosy night on the sofa with a DVD but Billy kills the mood when he says it’s too soon and he doesn’t think they’re ready to live together. 

After a week of ups and downs, will this be the final straw for Todd? Will Billy’s religious duties drive a wedge between them or can they recover from this setback?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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