Samantha Cameron on joining The Great Sport Relief Bake Off: “I’m terrified”

The prime minister's wife has never made a canapé, but wanted to take part to support Sport Relief


How would you describe your baking ability?

I don’t bake! My husband and daughter bake but I don’t…

What was it like walking into the Bake Off tent for the first time?


So why did you decide to take part?

I wanted to support the amazing work that Sport Relief does and to encourage others to get involved. I am excited – and slightly terrified – to be taking part.


Any baking disasters in the past? What would be the worst challenge for you?

I’m scared that we will have to bake something that I haven’t even heard of and I won’t have a clue what it’s meant to look like! 

Where did you get your inspiration from for your bakes in the show? Did you practise much beforehand?

I was inspired by our family holidays in Cornwall. We go every year and love the fresh air, food and surfing. I practised a little bit as I had certainly never made a canapé!

Who’s scarier – Paul or Mary?

Both are pretty scary!

If you were holding your own bake sale fundraiser for Sport Relief, what would you make that would sell like hot cakes?

I love chocolate brownies – though I would probably need a little help from [my daughter] Nancy to bake them…