EastEnders: Dot goes missing after being released from prison – just where has she gone?

When a homecoming party proves to be too much, Dot makes an early dart


Dot Branning will be released from prison next week – but don’t go thinking that she’ll make an understated return to the Square.


On the day that she makes her Walford comeback, a panicky Dot will actually go missing, just as her parole officer is about to pay a visit.

The reason for Dot’s disappearance can be put down to the fuss being made by her nearest and dearest, who have planned a welcome home party.

Dot has no desire to be made a fuss of and quickly flees, taking refuge in the launderette where she ends up having a heart to heart with Ian. As the service washes spin, Dot reveals to Ian that she wishes she’d turned Nick in to the police for his own benefit.

Later on, Dot eventually meets with her parole officer, who is satisfied with her situation. However, events take a surprising turn when – just as Dot is taking a quiet moment to sit with late husband Jim’s ashes – in walk the police, this time with Cora Cross in tow, who quickly makes herself at home.

As viewers know, Cora isn’t in the best mental state at the moment, having taken to living in Patrick’s shed at the allotment. And after discovering the truth about Cora’s condition, Dot comes up with a plan. But does Cora want to be helped?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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