Paul’s bread lion and the best Bake Off showstoppers

It's the lion that made Paul Hollywood roar with delight

Bake Off contestant Paul, who looks a bit like Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood, is rather fittingly very good with bread (OK, we’ll forget about his technical baguette bake). Look at this lion. IT’S MADE OF BREAD. 


It wasn’t just King of the Jungle, it was king of all the Bake Off tents, with Hollywood saying it’s one of the “best things” he’s ever seen made out of bread and that even he wouldn’t have dared to take on such a challenge.

In fact, Paul (the contestant) got the Bake Off’s first ever commendation, which slightly took the shine off Ian getting Star Baker again.

But look at this lion. It should have earned all the Star Baker medals. 

I mean, come on, even the claws are edible almonds. 

It seems almost futile to look at other brilliant showstoppers – Paul has very much won this game – but here are some others that have caught the attention of the judges in series past…

2013: Frances Quinn

Champion Frances Quinn wowed with giant breadstick matchsticks in 2013. The homemade box added extra oomph. 

2013: Robert Smart and his Dalek

OK, so it didn’t actually end up tasting that great, and it’s well, very blue, but we wouldn’t be the Radio Times if we didn’t mention a Doctor Who-themed one, right?

2014: the finalists and their windmills

Last year’s finalists – Nancy, Luis and Richard – pulled it out of the bag with these windmill-inspired bakes. Extra points for being able to walk without them breaking. 

2014: Luis’s George vs the Dragon

And given I can’t dunk a biscuit in a cup of tea without getting into bother, this sensational biscuit creation from Luis also deserves another airing.

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