Youngest ever Bake Off contestant Martha Collison signs book deal

The 18-year-old quarter-finalist is currently writing cake, biscuit and pastry recipes for a sweet cookery book

Martha Collison might still be studying for her A Levels, but she’s far from your average 18-year-old. The Berkshire-born baker, who made it to the quarter-finals of last year’s Great British Bake Off, is a Waitrose Weekend columnist. And she’s just signed her first book deal.

“A really exciting thing that’s happened in the last month is signing a book deal,” Martha tells

“I love writing recipes and people are always asking if I’ll ever do it. I never thought I’d be able to but the whole Bake Off experience has enabled me to really follow my dreams.”

Martha’s first recipe book will focus on sweet baking, she tells us. “All about cakes, biscuits and pastry. About how you can take something quite simple, like a Victoria sandwich or something, and twist it in lots of different ways.”

She reckons she might even be inspired by this year’s GBBO bakers: “Definitely! They are all so clever with their flavours and the things that they do, but I think I’ll be sticking to the more simple ones for the book so people can actually have a go!”

Unlike last year when she was in the tent, Martha isn’t juggling exams and technical challenges, but she’s not putting her feet up. “I’m in the process of writing 110 recipes before the end of September, so it’s going to be a very busy baking summer!”

Fortunately, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry won’t be hovering near her workbench to critique the outcome of her creative concoctions. “Every time I bake something now I’m secretly quite glad that my family are the predominant tasters because they are always nice!”

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