Paul Feig on the reaction to female Ghostbusters: I thought the public were cooler than that

The Spy director on the surprise announcement of Channing Tatum's all-male Ghosbusters and the challenges of creating opportunities for women in Hollywood


When the all-female Ghostbusters film was first announced last year, there were plenty of fans who got very excited – but there were also certain internet commentators less than impressed by the prospect of four women busting ghouls. It was a reaction that took the movie’s director Paul Feig by surprise. “It was very rough,” he tells “The misogynistic ones that were starting to come in were the ones that were the most upsetting.”


Since then, an all-male equivalent has been unveiled by the same studio – Sony – led by Channing Tatum, an announcement that was as much of a surprise to Feig as it was to us. “I was like, ‘does that mean don’t worry, the real one’s coming after this?’ It was a bit of a shock,” he recalls. 

The director – whose new film Spy hits cinemas this Friday – also spoke of the difficulties he’s had getting female-led movies made in Hollywood and how he wishes more funny women had the chance to showcase what they can do. Take a look at the full interview below… 


Spy is released in UK cinemas on Friday 5th June