Jo Joyner on her EastEnders blooper: “I couldn’t laugh until I’d gone out there the next night”

Bemused viewers sent the actress pictures of her shocked face after her gaffe in the live anniversary week

Unlike millions of viewers, Jo Joyner hasn’t seen the EastEnders anniversary episode in which she fluffed her lines.


“I don’t need to because people were sending me pictures of my face in shock every day on Twitter,” the actress admits in this week’s issue of Radio Times. “So I’ve seen that image a few million times…” 

Joyner reprised her role as Tanya Branning especially for the soap’s 30th anniversary. Asked why she took to Twitter immediately after her live blooper, Joyner – who is currently starring in BBC1 drama Ordinary Lies – says that she wanted to have the first word on her mistake. 

“If I’d gone to ground, it would have given people the chance to think 
that I was distressed and they’d have jumped on 
me. I’ve got a good sense of humour. But I couldn’t laugh about it until I’d gone out there the next night. I knew that people were watching to see if I messed up again. And to do that next episode live in front of ten million viewers was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.”

Joyner said she’s not ready to return to EastEnders on a permanent basis, but “you never know”.

“But I’m definitely not ready to go back at the moment. I’m having such a good time outside of the show.”

Read the full interview with Jo Joyner in this week’s Radio Times, in newsagents and available on the Apple Newsstand from Tuesday 24th March


Ordinary Lies continues on BBC1 on Tuesdays at 9pm