Donald Trump takes on Russell Brand in vicious Twitter battle

The star of the American Apprentice attacked the British comedian in a bizarre display on the social networking site

It’s the battle of wits that no-one expected – Donald Trump versus Russell Brand.


American Apprentice star Trump has had Twitter spats before – most notably with his British opposite number Lord Sugar – but this latest is particularly notable because, well, who would have thought it? Russell Brand and Donald Trump are two figures you’d only put together at the weirdest dream dinner party ever  yet there they were, duking it out, virtually, for all to see.

Of course Trump’s attack on Brand may be something to do with the latter’s criticism of capitalism, (which businessman Trump probably quite likes) – but it could also have something to do with Brand describing him as a “bit daft” on New York radio. 

“It didn’t seem like he knew much [other than capitalism],” Brand said on SiriusXM radio (in a show due to air on 24th October). “It’s not like he’s a person who’s a super guy or anything. He’s just good at hungry hippo, and we live in hungry hippo land.”

Whatever it was, it looked like Brand’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show was the final straw. Trump threw aside his Hungry Hungry Hippos set, knocking over Pop-up Pirate and Buckaroo in his rage, and got typing.

Ouch! And high from landing the first blow, Trump decided to make things personal, dragging in Brand’s ex-wife Katy Perry to lay some truth on her.

Knowing he had Trump on the ropes, Brand then went for a swift jab to a sensitive area  right in the inheritance!

BOOM! And to cap it off, Brand then laid out Trump with some well-placed journalism (or more specifically a link to an article that stated Trump’s business reputation was extremely poor amongst his peers).

Unfortunately for him, pop singer Katy Perry maintained a dignified silence on all counts (which really isn’t in the spirit of things  come on Katy!) And with no returning jabs from Brand, Trump shambled back to his corner to lick his wounds  and, we can only hope, prepare for round two.


Until then, anyone for Hungry Hungry Hippos?