X Factor’s Lauren Platt: My boyfriend wants Andrea to win!

She's part of Team Cheryl and set to do really well in the competition... but her boyfriend wants her to come second


Lauren Platt has stormed through to this year’s live shows by putting her unique spin on classic tracks and while her family are super supportive, it seems her boyfriend… well, not quite so much. 


“My boyfriend said to me, ‘I really want Andrea to win and you to come second’,” 17-year-old Lauren laughs. 

This comes as she tells us backstage that if she had to put money on someone for the win, she would choose the pug-loving Italian singer too. Although, it was a tough one to call. 

“To be honest I don’t think there’s one contestant in the house that I would turn around and say, ‘I’ll get further than them’. There isn’t one. I’m actually amazed at the talent this year – and a bit gutted as well.”

Giving us a little bit of a teaser about her first live performance this Saturday night, Lauren says there’s a “change in tempo” which she admits she hasn’t done in the show yet. 

“I was a little bit nervous at first when I first decided on my song, but I’m getting my head around it, I think it’s going to go really well.”

The singer has found she’s been getting a lot of support on Twitter (including from Harry Styles’ mum!) as the competition goes on and jokes she’s even been proposed to. 

“Well, I was like, ‘you can send the ring if you want…'”


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