Jo Brand whips up Great British Bake Off spin-off An Extra Slice

Reminiscent of The Apprentice's You're Fired!, the GBBO sister show will feature celebrity panelists, unseen footage and interviews with eliminated contestants

Comedian Jo Brand is to front a sister show to The Great British Bake Off aptly titled An Extra Slice. Like The Apprentice’s spin-off You’re Fired!, it will serve up a panel of celebrity fans who will review the week’s successes and soggy-bottoms.


Also on the menu will be an interview with the eliminated contestant and unseen footage. The audience will be asked to bring in homemade refreshments inspired by the week’s bakes and viewers to share photos of their efforts. An Extra Slice will air on BBC2 immediately after the main programme, which moves to BBC1 after last year’s finale drew more than nine million viewers.

Judging from Jo Brand’s chaotic performance on The Great Comic Relief Bake Off in 2013, she’s been chosen for her jokes rather than her culinary skills. “I have the palate of a philistine,” she told Radio Times at the time. “You know how it’s fashionable to put salt and chilli in chocolate these days? I think the people who do that should be executed.

“I know if you’re an educated, middle-class person, your palate finds that sort of thing a challenge; but it just annoys mine. My perfect meal is still that of the 1970s: a prawn cocktail starter, steak and Black Forest gateau to finish.”


Series five of The Great British Bake Off begins on Wednesday 6th August. BBC1 controller Charlotte Moore recently reassured fans that nothing will change other than the channel number.