Star Wars Episode VII: New X-Wing Revealed

JJ Abrams gives fans a sneak peak of new spaceship

Forgive us if we go full nerd for the next 200 words, but lock S-foils in attack position and engage your targeting computers, because this is pretty exciting. JJ Abrams has unveiled the successor to the original X-Wing fighter from Star Wars.


The director of Episode VII revealed the X-Wing as part of the Star Wars: Force for Change initiative, which aims to raise funds for UNICEF. By pledging small amounts of money, fans can win a chance to visit the set of Star Wars near London, be in the movie or arrange a private screening of the film in their hometown.

The X-Wing, workhorse of the Rebel Alliance and instrumental in Luke Skywalker’s destruction of the Death Star, is one of the most iconic images in an iconic series full of icons. The new X-Wing boasts several improvements to the original, including a sleeker profile and snazzy blue stripe. But shouldn’t R2D2 be plugged into the back?

Draped over the starship like a model at an intergalactic motor show (well, he’s standing next to it) Abrams announced new prizes for the final week for Force for Change. Also, like Chewbacca before him, he took the opportunity to shout at a chittering MSE-6 repair droid.


Full nerd, remember?