Coronation Street spoilers: Sol Heras reveals all about Ryan and Katy’s romance

The actor talks about Ryan's latest fling and why he's craving more scenes with Norris Cole

Sol Heras has been talking more about the forthcoming fling between his character Ryan Connor and Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote). The pair are set to fall for each other after Ryan sees Katy in a whole new light at an 18th birthday party. But is Ryan looking for a serious relationship or just a bit of fun? 


“These feelings have come out of the blue for him really, he wasn’t expecting it and there’s certainly no thought process behind it,” the actor reveals. “She’s just come into his life all of a sudden after he notices her at the party. He’s just taking it step by step. He doesn’t know how she feels or how he really feels.” 

However, those feelings become more apparent after Katy gets a job at the kebab shop where Ryan also works. After grasping the basics of the menu, Katy will be seen leaning in for a kiss with her colleague. But with partner Chesney (Sam Aston) and baby Joseph back at home, is there a chance that Katy could reject her latest love interest? 

“I think if she were to reject him he’d take in on board because she has got a kid and she’s with Chesney, who he’s friends with. So he wouldn’t want to cause such a problem if it’s just him chasing her. Whereas if she feels the same, then maybe he won’t be put off. Maybe it will be a case of let’s see what happens.” 

So is Heras enjoying working on this storyline after Ryan’s previous relationship with Tracy? “This is great because obviously the story with Tracy involved her using Ryan as a pawn in her game against Steve and Michelle. So this is nice as it’s a mutual feeling between Ryan and Katy. It’s a nice romantic story to play out.” 

And with Heras’s one-year anniversary on the show due in May, is he now feeling settled in Weatherfield? 

“Yeah, it’s brilliant. I can honestly say that I do feel really settled. I feel so much more relaxed coming into work, I’m not as nervous as I was and I can really enjoy my scenes now I feel more comfortable. 


“Plus I’ve been lucky enough to have scenes with the Barlows, Tracy the street murderer and Steve McDonald. The one I would like to work with more is Norris. We’ve had a couple of scenes where I stole money off him and I think it’s always fun to watch Ryan antagonising poor Norris.”