EastEnders: Jake Wood – “Max could end up with Kirsty”

"Kiertson Wareing is a great addition to our cast – and I hope she’ll be staying for a lot longer," adds the actor


EastEnders actor Jake Wood has been talking about what he thinks will happen to his character, Max Branning: “A lot of people want Max and Tanya to stay together. But I think there’s every possibility Max could end up with Kirsty if Tanya doesn’t want him.”


Tuesday’s episode saw Tanya (Jo Joyner) throw Max out of the family home after he confessed to still having feelings for Kirsty (Kierston Wareing), the wife who re-entered his life back on Christmas Day.

Speaking to Inside Soap about the possibility of Max making a go of it with Kirsty, the actor said: “I don’t know if there’s a future for them, but Kiertson is a great addition to our cast – and I hope she’ll be staying for a lot longer!”

Wood also commented about developments in next week’s instalments that see Max track Kirsty down after she returns her wedding ring to him. On Tuesday, we published some behind-the-scenes images that offer a glimpse of what happens when Max discovers that Kirsty has been staying with Adam, the abusive brother of a former boyfriend:


“He’s a drug addict and the situation is far from safe. Even though Max is angry with Kirsty, he steps in to try to protect her from Adam, and ends up getting badly beaten up himself. Of course, EastEnders is a family show that’s on early, so they’ll show as much as they can within those limits – but the situation gets pretty rough!”