Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe iPad app released

Meanwhile, Cox lives up to his name by suggesting a potential collaboration with Stephen Fry...

Professor Brian Cox is the star of a new iPad app promising to take users on a 3D journey from the level of sub-atomic particles to the limits of the known universe. 


Two-and-a-half hours of video featuring Cox – taken from his BBC series Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe – are embedded in the app, along with over 200 articles written by the TV physicist (watch a demo above).

The app is a collaboration by the BBC and Collins, who publish the Wonders spin-off books. 

Alex Gatrell, digital publisher for Collins, said: “Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe app is heaven-sent for fans of astronomy and of Brian Cox, but also meets a growing public thirst for knowledge in the astrophysics field.”

Meanwhile, Stephen Fry‏ initiated talk via Twitter of an unlikely collaboration with Cox after attempting to use a dictation programme to share the news that he’d downloaded the new app.

“Just DLed Brian Wonder’s Cocks of the Universe app,” tweeted Fry. “No hang on, scratch that. Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe. Damn you Dragon Dictate.”

But Cox was impressed with the idea. “I’m definitely going to pitch Wonders of Cock to the BBC,” he replied. “Shall we co-present it?”

Watch this space for more news on that story…