Sofie Grabol to appear in US version of The Killing

Series two of AMC remake sees the original Sarah Lund play a Seattle district attorney

Connoisseurs of The Killing, prepare to be slightly confused when the American remake returns to Channel 4 later this year: it features a small role for Sofie Grabol, the star of the original Danish hit Forbrydelsen.


Of course, the American version of Grabol’s character Sarah Lund – a detective obsessively trying to find the murderer of a teenaged girl – is already played by Mireille Enos. So Grabol will play a Danish-accented district attorney named Christina, who appears in the second half of the two-hour season premiere, to be aired in the US on cable channel AMC on 1 April.

Grabol is credited on-screen for the episode but has not been advertised to the press as a recurring guest star, which may imply that the role is a one-off. Her appearance was first reported by Anglophile US critic Jace Lacob, who writes for The Daily Beast. “She’s fairly instrumental within the plot, despite only appearing on-screen for a few minutes,” Lacob told Radio Times.


American viewers will not bat an eyelid when Grabol pops up: the Danish version of The Killing has never been shown in the States despite its huge success in the UK, where Radio Times critics voted it the best TV programme of 2011.