Savings on top shows can be hard to come by, but if you're keen to find theatre tickets for less, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we've compiled all of the best sites to help you save on top-rated theatre performances, immersive experiences and more attractions from around the country — from London's West End and Manchester to Glasgow and beyond.

First, we'll start with some advice. While this guide offers the best sites and methods for saving on theatre tickets, plus some great deals, there's also an element of luck and timing involved.

Almost every show has a limited run in its given theatre, and if you've got a particular show or genre in mind, your chances of getting cheap tickets will be impacted by how in-demand those tickets are and how much of the show's run remains. There are of course some shows which have extremely long runs — we're looking at you The Mousetrap — and these are often the most well-known which will also effect ticket prices.

Another top tip is to do your ticket shopping last minute. Sometimes if a show hasn't sold enough and there are lots of seats remaining, prices will plummet for last-minute buyers. Even sold-out shows may have tickets returned on the day as people realise they can no longer make it, so it's always worth checking with the box office or online.

Also, if you're willing to take a gamble on lesser-known shows, you can pick up tickets for next to nothing by joining seat-filling ticket schemes. Organisations like Play by Play and Central Tickets charge membership fees or a small handling charge, but will occasionally offer cut-price entry to an eclectic selection of shows. Unfortunately, these only cover London and you don't get to choose which shows are offered.

If you're looking for London shows and can trot along in person, it's worth checking out the TKTS booth in Leicester Square, which often offers discounted tickets.

Finally — and perhaps unhelpfully for some — it's often cheaper to find theatre tickets outside of the capital. While some of the UK's most renowned shows are put on in the West End and around London, the UK has a thriving theatre scene and there are fantastic shows to be found wherever you're based. Now, let's help you find them.

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How to get cheap tickets for London's West End shows

how to get cheap theatre tickets wicked cast curtain call
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The West End is London's iconic home of theatre and plays host to some of the most remarkable stage productions on show in the UK, from the likes of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to Hamilton, and we have some top tips and tricks for you when buying West End seats.

The price of a West End theatre show ticket varies depending on where you sit and what you see: limited-run shows, such as The Pillowman, will have a higher ticket price as you can only experience it for a few months. Shows like The Lion King has been running for over 20 years (with no sign of slowing down) so those tickets will be cheaper.

With seating, you'll pay more for a better, unobstructed view, and less for a seat where a pillar could potentially block part of the stage or if you're a long way away. But there are some cases where a cheaper ticket will be one seat over from one with a so-called unobstructed view.

More like this

We can't speak for all theatres, but one of our team went to see Wicked and bought cheap seats where the view was supposed to be partially obstructed. However, when they got there, the view was amazing albeit far away.

So, if you're not too bothered about where you sit, we'd recommend picking the cheapest seats to save money. Similarly, if you'd like to go to a West End show for the experience but you're not concerned about which show you see, be sure to select a cheaper one.

To get your hands on cheap theatre tickets, is a fantastic destination. We also like ATG Tickets, London Theatre Direct, Ticketmaster, The Ticket Factory and Fever, all of which periodically offer chances to snap-up cheap tickets. The latter leans more towards experiences and immersive shows, rather than a traditional theatre, though. Take a look at their current deals using the links below.

If you're based in Manchester, or are visiting the northern city, be sure to take a look at our best theatre shows in Manchester guide.

Best cheap theatre tickets on sale today

We've scoured the web for some of the very best deals available right now, and found some stunners. There's something for everyone, from Harry Potter fans to musical lovers.

How to get cheap tickets for Les Misérables

how to get cheap theatre tickets les mis
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Les Misérables is one of the best-loved shows on the West End. The tragic drama based on the book of the same name, by Victor Hugo, first ran in London in 1985 and has been performed continuously ever since. That makes it the second longest-running musical in the world and the longest in the West End.

At time of writing, there's quite a disparity in ticket pricing, as you can see from the listings below. Right now, the best deals are to be had via Ticketmaster where you can get tickets for just £22.

How to get cheap tickets for Matilda The Musical

Matilda the musical on stage
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Roald Dahl's hit children's novel Matilda is re-imagined as a musical in this thrilling stage production. It's another West End favourite, and it's even been made into Matilda the Musical movie starring Emma Thompson as Miss Trunchbull. Currently, the cheapest deal for Matilda The Musical is £20 tickets at LW theatres.

How to get cheap tickets for Hamilton

Unfortunately, Hamilton's longstanding icon status on the West End means tickets are in very high demand and, as such, sizeable discounts are hard to come by. However, finding cheap tickets is something of our forte, and we've found some £24 tickets at London Theatre Direct.

Buy Hamilton tickets from £24 at London Theatre Direct

How to get cheap tickets for Wicked

best west end shows
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Wicked is one of the longer running musicals in the West End having been playing since 2006, but has had renewed popularity since the sing 'Popular' went viral on TikTok. It's currently in the Apollo Victoria Theatre and is one of our favourites. And luckily for you we've managed to find tickets available at Ticketmaster for just £24.75.

How to get cheap tickets for The Lion King

the lion king how to get cheap theatre tickets
Getty / George Rose

The Lion King is one of the most beloved shows on the West End. The 1994 Disney film has been reimagined as a spectacular theatre production, which boasts glorious special effects, enchanting music, and brilliant animal costumes and figures.

As The Lion King musical is always so popular, finding tickets for under 40 quid is a mean feat. Well, a mean feat for anyone other than the team! Currently, Ticketmaster sells the cheapest seats at £39.50 each.

Watch Disney films like The Lion King for less with our Disney Plus offers guide.

How to get cheap tickets for Cabaret

Set in Berlin during the Jazz Age, Cabaret invites you to step inside, loosen up, and be yourself! Cabaret follows the story of struggling American writer Clifford Bradshaw as he wanders into the seedy yet exciting Kit Kat Klub and meets Sally Bowles, a talented cabaret performer. The musical has won seven Olivier Awards, including Best Musical Revival, and promises to be an electrifying night out.

Currently, the cheapest tickets for Cabaret are at ATG Tickets for £30.

How to get cheap tickets for The Great British Bake Off Musical

great british bake off the musical how to get cheap theatre tickets
Getty / David M. Benett

The limited season of The Great British Bake Off Musical must end on Saturday 13th May this year. While that news could be as disappointing as a soggy bottom, we're about to cherry flip it on its head and offer you a Paul Hollywood handshake-worthy deal instead: save up to 53 per cent on The Great British Bake Off Musical tickets.

Buy The Great British Bake Off Musical tickets from £18 at Ticketmaster

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Best cheap theatre tickets around the UK

If you're not based in London and don't want to travel to the capital, don't worry. With many shows touring around the UK there are some great deals to be had on theatre all around the UK. If you're based up north we've got a guide to the best theatre shows in Manchester. At the moment, the Six the Musical tour has tickets starting from just £13.

Buy Six the Musical UK tour tickets from £13 at ATG Tickets

For more savings on theatre tickets across the UK, take a look at our recommendations for cities near you:

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