Benedict Cumberbatch reveals Doctor Strange’s fate after Avengers 4

Turns out the mystic superhero could now be resting in your stomach

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Doctor Strange may have been one of the victims of Thanos’s dusting – the finger click that wiped out half the population of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – but it turns out Benedict Cumberbatch’s character lived on. In a way…


Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Cumberbatch revealed that although his character died during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, his remains would soon be absorbed by others.

“I’m dust, baby. I’m just out there. I’m in the ether,” he said when asked by the host if Strange would appear in Avengers 4. “I’m probably part of your food chain. I’m in your stomach somewhere.”

Should we take that to mean Strange will remain dead? In a nutshell: no. There’s every chance the character will return in the untitled sequel to Infinity War. After all, along with characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther, Doctor Strange is lined up for his own sequel, so it’s fair to assume the fallen heroes will be un-dusted soon.

But while Cumberbatch may not have been completely open about Strange’s fate, he did also say how honoured he was to even be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “It’s amazing,” he added.

“It’s ludicrous. It just gets sort of giddy and unreal, to be honest…  just being part of that franchise is a kick, let alone the people I got to have screen time with and the story that I was sort of part of.


“I mean, it was really extraordinary to do and even more weird and wonderful to see it roll out and get that kind of reception.”

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