Olivia Colman: I’ve talked to Chris Chibnall – I want to play a really horrible baddie in Doctor Who

The Broadchurch star wants to reunite with her showrunner in the Whoniverse

Olivia Colman and Chris Chibnall, Getty, SL

Olivia Colman and Chris Chibnall have a proven track record. Last time the pair worked together they created three series of ITV’s award-winning Broadchurch.


But with Chibnall now installed as the new showrunner of Doctor Who, and Colman announced as the successor to Claire Foy in Netflix mega hit The Crown, the pair have increasingly busy schedules.

It doesn’t look like a reunion will be on the cards any time soon, unless – and we’re just spitballing here – Colman was offered a role in Chibnall’s Doctor Who?

Sure, she’s been in the series before, but it wouldn’t be the first time a familiar face has cropped up as an entirely different character (*cough* Peter Capaldi *cough*).

So, if it was offered – would she take it?

“We’ve already talked about it,” Colman told us at the Radio Times Covers Party last week. “I want to play a really horrible baddie,” she revealed, caveating, “whether or not it fits in…”

She seemed a little hesitant to make use of her good contacts however. “It’s a bit much to just ask someone, ‘Can I be in it?'” she said

We disagree. If Chris Chibnall was in our phonebook, we’d be pick up the phone without hesitation.

Colman isn’t the only one gunning for a role alongside Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor. Sherlock’s Louise Brealey told us it would be “amazing” to play a baddie – “I’d settle for a Dalek” – while her co-star Amanda Abbington is desperate to play Whittaker’s “arch enemy”.


“I’ve never done Doctor Who and I’ve always wanted to,” she told RadioTimes.com last year. “My kids say to me, ‘How come you’ve never done Doctor Who?’ And I say, ‘I don’t know’. On my list of next things to do is be in Doctor Who.”