Emmerdale: new evidence found ahead of tomorrow’s killer reveal

Only 24 hours to go until we find out...


Tension mounted among the suspects in the Emma Barton murder case in tonight’s Emmerdale, ahead of tomorrow’s big reveal when the killer will be exposed.


New evidence came to light when a tyre was found buried in the woods near the scrapyard by little Arthur Thomas, with tenacious cop DS Wise determined to find out if the track marks match those found near the scene of the crime at the viaduct. If they do, Adam Barton will have some explaining to do…

Adam’s story is looking shaky with even wife Victoria doubting him. And fellow suspect Ross Barton is convinced his half-brother is responsible and that Vic is protecting a murderer. But he could still be covering for himself, or other sibling Pete.


Meanwhile, Laurel Thomas was seen staring wistfully at a picture of late husband Ashley begging for forgiveness, overheard by concerned stepdaughter Gabby – herself still a suspect as she unleashed a tirade of abuse at the murder victim on the eve of tomorrow’s funeral.

Estranged couple Moira and Cain Dingle were both acting suspiciously, with Moira sneaking off to meet a drug dealer – eventually scoring heroin, but viewers don’t yet know if she took it – and Cain lurking around looking like he had something significant to hide.

As vicar Harriet Finch prepared her sermon for the funeral service, Emmerdale ramped up the tension by dramatically cutting between the suspects as she read from the bible about forgiveness and sin…

There’s just one day to go before we find out who killed Emma Barton, and their reasons why… Who’s your money on?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below.


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