Robert’s life left hanging in the balance on Emmerdale (Spoilers)

Will Liv and Aaron be able to save him?


Robert will dice with death on next week’s Emmerdale – with Aaron and Liv left seemingly clueless as to how they can save his life. Is Mr Sugden set to breathe his last? What viewers will see is Robert reacting very badly at news from Noah that the police are now looking for a body up at Home Farm. With everyone now thinking that Lachlan has killed Rebecca, a shrine is started for her. But when Robert sees what’s going on, he angrily trashes it. As Zak calls for Robert to be reined in, a frustrated Aaron is left wondering how he’ll be able to get through to him.


And it seems that any attempt by Aaron to calm his partner down will be unsuccessful, seeing as the following day, an exhausted and obsessed Robert heads out to start searching for Rebecca once again, But pretty soon, he becomes woozy and starts to fit! As Robert collapses to the ground, Liv immediately rings for a doctor, while Aaron panics with no idea what to do. So what exactly is wrong with Robert? And can his loved ones get help before things deteriorate even further?


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