EXCLUSIVE! Hollyoaks Nathan Morris reacts to Milo’s exit – “I don’t see this as the end of his story”

The Cunninghams' guardian angel got his comeuppance


Hollyoaks has aired Milo Entwistle’s final scenes, following the Cunningham family’s discovery of his link to their past and the string of murders he committed in trying to protect his secret.


Thursday 30 August’s E4 episode picked up from the previous day’s cliffhanger of Milo being crushed by a falling car and saving Tom from certain death, as an attempt to atone for him being responsible for ending the lives of the 18-year-old’s parents Gordon and Helen in a car crash 14 years ago.

Miraculously surviving the encounter with the car, Milo was seen recovering from his injuries in hospital and preparing to transfer to a rehabilitation centre in Birmingham where he’d work to gain his mobility – but a prison sentence was also looking likely after he confessed his crimes to the cops.

Milo arrived in the village a year ago as the Cunninghams’ lodger, and his secret tattoo with the Latin inscription translated as ‘I Shall Never Forget’ sparked speculation for months about his true identity, eventually revealed as Simon Jones – the teenage joyrider who killed Tom, Cindy and Mandy Morgan’s parents/step-parents all those years ago.


Simon had changed his name to Milo after serving a sentence in a juvenile detention centre, and became obsessed with protecting the Cunninghams from further harm to assuage his guilt at destroying the clan.

But his mission morphed into something more sinister as his misguided guardian angel act led to the deaths of Gavin Armstrong and Dirk Savage – and almost Cindy – as they learnt the truth about Milo.

Once the Cunninghams learnt the full story of their nerdy lodger, they saw how remorseful he was and forgave him – much to his delight. Carted off in an ambulance, Milo bid his honorary family farewell and promised Cindy and Tom they’d never have to see him again…

Speaking exclusive to RadioTimes.com about his alter ego’s departure, actor Nathan Morris said: “I’m overwhelmed by the reaction and love from fans, especially as Milo was a misunderstood and disturbed  character.

“I’m happy he showed his true colours by saving Tom and taking ownership of his behaviour, but in a funny way I don’t see it as the end of Milo’s story- he lived a tragic life and I’d like to think he’ll go away, get help and be given a second chance to be the kind, funny oddball that people loved. I couldn’t ask for a better storyline.”

A Hollyoaks spokesperson also told us that “a return for Milo is not being ruled out…”

Morris also took to Twitter posing on set with cast mates Ellis Hollins (Tom) and Stephanie Waring (Cindy) to say “See ya later #MysteriousMilo, you misunderstood little nutter!”

Can the Cunninghams find closure now Milo’s gone, or will realising he lied to them for the last 12 months and caused so many deaths, including that of beloved patriarch Dirk, have a lasting negative impact on the first family of Hollyoaks?


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