Victoria to kiss Matty on Emmerdale – how will he react?

Jealousy turns to passion in next week's episodes of the ITV soap


Victoria looks set to make her move on Matty in next week’s Emmerdale, but how will he react to her advances? Ever since Matty returned to the village, it’s been clear to viewers that there’s chemistry between him and Victoria. But will he recognise that his feelings go beyond friendship? Or will Vic’s attempt to kiss Matty end up backfiring?


In the run-up to the impromptu snog, Matty will be seen getting a bar job at the Woolpack, only to get jealous when he notices Victoria getting interest from a village newcomer by the name of Ellis (who, incidentally, also turns out to be Jessie’s son). When the new guy in town asks Vic out on a date, Matty tells her to go for it. But there’s a sense he’s not quite as on board as he’s making out and is clearly uncomfortable when Victoria arrives at the pub for her evening with Ellis.


Events then look set to take a  sour turn when Matty spots Ellis flirting with some girls and goes to confront him. And when Ellis mocks him for his intervention, a fight breaks out as the two guys start throwing punches. In the end, it’s left to Moira to put a stop to the scrap when she drags her son away. But an already riled-up Matty is left fuming when Moira refers to him in the wrong gender and decides to move in with Victoria.


By the end of the week, Matty is starting to wonder whether his anger is down to him developing feelings towards Victoria. But when she leans in for that kiss, will he reciprocate?


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