Emmerdale: Dan struggles as police search for missing Amelia – watch the scene

Kerry worries he's in denial as the hunt begins


The search for missing schoolgirl Amelia Spencer begins in Emmerdale next week, but Dan Spencer refuses to accept his daughter has run away following the bombshell he is not her biological dad.


Viewers saw Amelia reeling from the news her uncle Daz was actually her father in Friday 1 June’s dramatic episode, and after a family showdown the kid stormed up to her bedroom. Unbeknown to Dan and girlfriend Kerry Wyatt who waited downstairs, Amelia had done a bunk as the cliffhanger showed an empty bedroom and an open window…

In a scene from the episode airing on Monday 4 June, police have descended on the Spencer house searching for clues as to where Amelia could have gone. Kerry, Daz and Bernice Blackstock are frantic with worry Amelia’s bed has not been slept in and she’s not answering her phone, but Dan is in denial and expects his daughter to walk through the door at any moment.

As police officers attempt to prepare him for the difficult time ahead, Dan refuses to co operate and brushes off their concerns, and won’t go out looking with the rest of the family in case Amelia comes home.

What has happened to Amelia? Is she hiding out somewhere or could a tragic fate have befallen her? Is Dan burying his head in the sand about the impact of the paternity secret on her?


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